Hello friends and welcome back to ze blog. Let the excitement begin! The Nordstrom anniversary sale is going live next month. Which is next week! The sale officially starts August 19th and lasts until August 30th. Todays post I’ll be sharing all the details on early access, what dates and times to remember, answering questions, sharing my favorites and talking about the must haves. So let’s just dive in!


The Nordstrom sale happens every year, usually at the end of summer. It’s pretty much Nordstrom Launching their new fall merchandise to shop. All of their new items go on sale and then they go back to normal price once the sale is concluded. This event will have fall, some winter pieces and plenty of home decor, baby wear, for him and tons more.

This year Nordstrom is doing things a little bit different. Nordstrom went ahead and sent out their preview of everything launching on sale via email and everyone was able to see everything. Since COVID and social distancing is still going. I totally suggest you prep to shop online rather then head to the store. But if your not into all of that they do have curbside available to buy and just pick up. (instead of waiting for your items to ship) You can buy online and pick up (curbside) that day or pick up next day if you’d like. Still super easy to shop!

Nordstrom is definitely leaning towards more of an online presence of items being fully stocked. Due to most folks not going in and trying on or shopping around. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you save items to your wishlist now. To help find things more easily and to stick to your shopping list/needs/wants. Keep in mind a lot of the popular items will sell out quickly so make sure you are up to date with your wishlist at You can easily shop the sale with no promo codes needed. Every sale item will have the sale price listed in yellow above each product. (see photo below)


  • July 24-August 18 Sale Preview Online
  • August 4-18 Icon Early Access
  • August 7-18 Ambassador Early Access
  • August 10-18 Influencer Early Access
  • August 13-18 Insider Early Access
  • August 19-30 The Anniversary Sale Officially Begins!
  • August 30th Sale ends and items return back to full price!


Early access gives you the opportunity to shop 7 days before the actual sale begins. Why is it good to have early access? Cause sadly some items quickly sell out! So with early access you are able to shop before everyone else does without being a cardholder member. These are the perks to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

If you want to gain access to shop the sale early you must be a Nordstrom Card member. It is very easy to apply and to get approved. (I personally don’t like credit cards and only did it to gain access) I do not use my card for anything else but this sale. The Nordstrom Card will solely work at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Haute Look, Trunk Club and that is it.

This year when you sign up for a card there is a $60 bonus note. As soon as your approved you may start shopping. If your card doesn’t arrive on time you still have your information that you can use to shop online and in-store just fine. Make sure to check your account for that information. Best thing about this card is that there isn’t an annual fee! Lastly with every dollar you spend, you’ll receive 3 points. Those points add up to use towards your notes which explains that here. Overall the most important part to having this card is to gain early access. Make sure you sign up before the sale so you can shop early!


You’ve probably started hearing all the chatter amoungest bloggers about the #nsale happening. This is a yearly sale (if you don’t already know) that we promote and it helps us as small businesses. Weather it be from shopping through our links, swipe ups or blog. It helps us continue to do this every year and guide for you to the best deals, our personal favorites and what we buy and love. It truly means the world when you shop through us from what you’ll already be buying and it’s at never a cost to you. We are just a third party sending you to a product to buy. Every little commission we get we are EXTREMELY grateful for and it doesn’t go without tremendous gratitude that we get to do this for a living and enjoy doing what we love. What ever our particular niche is thank you SO MUCH!

Reminder: Please buy what you like, want or need. But ONLY if your budget calls for it and you’re able. Stick to your budget and your list. It’s rough times that we are in and people are facing very hard times this year. So please do NOT GO INTO DEBT for any sale. Nothing you don’t need is worth it to become financially unstable. Please keep this in mind and shop smart.


If you aren’t already following me on the app (deannxchristensen) it’s a great way to shop the sale easily. Or here on where I’ll be updating you with my picks, items I’ve bought or anything that is selling out quickly.


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Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and checking back to the blog for updates and anything that might be selling like hot cakes that’s sold out. See you all soon 💭

Summer Baby Essentials


Happy Summer 2020! Since summer began here in Texas I’ve been grabbing what we’ve needed for baby and also trying to find safe + clean products.

On today’s blog post I’ll be sharing a round up of all the products we’ve been using for our little outside and by the pool.

First is our love for Hello Bello Products. Created by the lovely and kind soul Kristen Shepard. Not only are their products clean + organic but the PRICE POINT IS AFFORDABLE. We’ve been using the mineral sunscreen, diapers, wipes and bug spray. I have had great peace of mind and have felt safe using these products. I highly recommend you give them a try. The mineral sunscreen is reef safe and bonus works on both kids and adults. Two for one! I do plan on snagging their baby wash, hand sanitizer and shampoos to try out very soon. They’re on my list. But in the mean time you can find these products online via their website here or at your local Walmart for pick up.

Another one of our great must have finds has been a reusable baby diaper! They’re machine washer safe and a money saver 👏🏼 No need to grab any disposable pool diapers and spend more money every time your baby/kids swim. No THANK YOU! Saving money and these reusable water diapers come in some fun prints to choose from. Plus they aren’t expensive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you go out and grab one ASAP!


Next we’re talking baby wear. Rash guards are the way to go. My little one has sensitive skin and these have been a great protection for his skin. Any little bit helps. Now on to summer clothes. I’ve found myself either online at Carter’s, children’s place, target or Walmart (also check resale stores sometimes you score big!) for my little guys clothing. They truly grow fast! So I’ve been snagging some fun and easy summer rompers to slip him in. All very affordable and not breaking the bank just so your baby can be stylish and cute at this age. I’m never buying anything over $15 to me it’s not worth it. If you do plan to spend over make sure they’ll use it at least for 3 weeks. Like for example shoes. Other than than stick to 5-7 outfits and you’ll be just fine. (not including jammies)

Lastly if your baby/kiddo can wear glasses without taking them off grab some and a good pool or outdoor hat. One with a strap so they can’t pull it off but keep a good eye on them. It’ll help those precious eyes and face not get too much sun. Another little activity is of course water toys and a little pool to keep your baby close to you while they play. It’s a great activity to wear them out and get some vitamin d. A great little travel pop up is a convenient item to have. Perfect to take to the beach to keep your baby from crawling everywhere and great for them to just play outside with his or her toys in a shaded area.


To all my mamas, give these a try if you haven’t already. Whatever makes it easier and brings you less stress is the goal. Being a mom is tough but buying and keeping them safe doesn’t have to be. Wishing you a wonderful & safe SUMMER! Enjoy xo

Father’s Day Gift Guides 2020


This year is My Husbands First Official Father’s Day since our son arrived back in October. I had plenty of ideas of what I’ve been wanting to get him and what men really use. So I created these to help myself of what I’ve gotten him already and what I plan on getting him. Plus I get to help y’all out as well and give you a thumbs up husband approved. Men are so tough to shop for but I’m pretty sure the guys say the same thing about the women.


1. Tiles are a fun little tool for anyone but especially dad. Picked these cause they can be used on keys, computer bags, luggage or even stick one to the back of your phone.

2. Customizable socks for dad or any face you’d like to these! I’d love to add my babies face to these for my hubby!

3. Small card holder that can attach to the back of dads phone.

4. Monogram bottle opener card that fits into any card holder or wallet. A Under $10 Gift.

5. For dads office! Customize his very own desk name plate. You can really get creative with what you wanna name it.

6. Dad mug to add to the his collection.

7. Fun trendy comfortable dad shoes! Can’t go wrong with adidas. Plus under $60.

8. Best fishing glasses hands down. Why costas, cause my hubby owns about 6 pair. A total expert on these plus they are durable in saltwater and last years. Highly recommend these. They are a splurge! (save for an occasion)

9. Modern photo album to give to dad as a gift. Very cherish able gift.


Since most of us need things quick or in a pickle! Amazon is such a great go to when search for dad this Father’s Day. You’ll find a little bit of everything. ALL AMAZON FINDS!

Dada book is perfect for first time dads and I did order this for my husbands first official Father’s Day!

Yeti mug or tumbler are always a good idea for dad. They loose things, the destroy things get them this so it lasts awhile. Amen.

Darts are a fun games for dad to add to his man cave! Comes with darts and scoreboard. All for under $40, can’t beat that.

Sentimental dad hammer. Would make a great gift and he’ll always cherish it. Box it up for display or leave as is.

Dad jokes book is only $5, dad will use this forsure.

Basic photo album to add photos too.

Shark tee for dad and they do have some matching tees to match along with dad!

Polaroid camera that dad will love to use. Snap a photo and prints it right out. This is a little bit of a fancy one. Running $70, but worth the hype.

You still have plenty of time to shop for dad!! Linked everything and added everything to my here. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Shein Summer Try on Haul

Hello friends! Welcome back to Today I’ll be sharing with you more in detail of the shein haul I recently shared on Instagram stories. I found some really great pieces that I just had to share here on the blog to save it for later.


Starting with my favorite item. I’m wearing a medium in this dress and I’m 5’2 for height reference. This dress would be so lovely for date night, a wedding, bridal shower guest, or a night with the girls 🥂 There is also a beautiful back detailing on this dress and it’s under $30. Before buying I did read the reviews and I made my purchase. I was mainly focused on if the picture matched the color of the exact dress. Which I’m pleased to say it turned out just the way I hoped it would.

Now where can I wear it too is the question.


Next up is a more casual piece. This leopard romper actually did match the online photo but looks like a little faded in color. I still was very pleased with the comfort of this romper. For size reference I’m in a medium and is a a great length. I am on the shorter side so keep that in mind. Definitely a good leopard romper to grab for under $20.


Another great dress I ordered! I’m wearing a medium again for reference. Paired it both times with my studded heels in nude and these studded sandals I’m sharing next in apricot. This dress is so flows and beautiful. My favorite part about this dress is the tie front. Definitely will be going out with this on for a perfect date night with hubby or a girls night (when that happens lol). It’s such a comfortable dress and I highly recommend you also check out the other colors they have in this!


Lastly are these sweet look alike Steve Madden sandals! A great price from the original maddens at $25. I went ahead and styled them with some denim shorts and a satin top to mix in a little casual and dressy. I absolutely love them in comparison to my Steve Madden Sandals. They are SO COMFORTABLE I can not express that enough. Sandals do only come in whole sizes so keep that in mind. They also come in nude. But the apricot color does remind me of a more lighter nude/white color and totally fine with it. (which are the ones I’m showing you above) Overall I LOVE THESE can’t recommend them enough!

That rounds up this little haul! I hoped this helps you pick out a few things from shein when you decide to order. If you’d like to see little videos of each I did save a highlight to my instagram stories here. My suggestion is to always read the reviews and make your decision. Beat of luck while shopping! Hope this post today helps.

9 Tie Dye Pieces To Grab Before Summer Ends ⭐️

Hello fam! Talking about one of my favorite summer trends today. You guessed it! Can’t get enough of tie dye trend that has been taking over. From lounge wear to tops and comfy jammies. I’m loving this trend, right up there with the leopard for me. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite picks that are very affordable to get your hands on RIGHT NOW.

Take your pick from all these beautiful designs before summer is up. You won’t regret the *add to cart* on this one! xoxo

⭐️ Thanks for stopping by friends ⭐️

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