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  If your like me and everyone else who LOVES summer season. Cause finally pool days! Right?. Then grab your shades, grab a drink and your chemical free sunscreen as you head down to the pool and take a peak at what FUN must haves you need this summer! SHOP SUMMER   \\1//\\2//\\3//\\4//\\5//\\6//\\7//\\8//\\9//\\10//\\11//\\12//\\13//\\14//\\15//\\16//\\17//\\18//\\19//\\20//\\21//\\22//\\23//\\24//    Everything […]

Bride in NOLA

NOLA 💗FINAL FLMAINGLE 💗 Shop this look      palm shorts / bride top / headband / black sandals   Happy Wednesday yall! I’m so anxious to be back home from my bachelorette! Now there’s ONLY 10 days away from the wedding and I’m so ready to marry my man! If you kept up on stories then you […]