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Happy Wednesday yall!

I’m so anxious to be back home from my bachelorette! Now there’s ONLY 10 days away from the wedding and I’m so ready to marry my man! If you kept up on stories then you already know New Orleans is where we did my bachelorette. I’ve actually have never been to New Orleans before and I’m so glad we choose to do my bachelorette there.  It was very (HOT) but cool seeing Jackson Square, The French Quarter and Bourbon St, all in person. Of course we stopped to be a tourist a few times and ate some of the famous beignets New Orleans is known for. My feet did hurt after night two but it was ALL worth it! Being on the balcony on Bourbon street was my absolute favorite thing to do out of all things. (Cats was my favorite bar and had a corner view on bourbon)

Last day & stop was St. Louis Cemetery, which was something on my list I wanted to do. Not a guided tour or anything, but just to admire the work of New Orleans crypts. I had the most coolest 4 days with my best of friends and got them to road trip with me there and back. I got some cool friends, yall! My Final Flamingle will forever be something special to remember and now next time I’m in new Orleans I can show the fiancé what its all about.

Now that the Bachelorette is over I wanted to show what outfits I wore around New Orleans. (Being comfortable was what I focused on when packing fyi.)


I wore this denim skirt during the day out and about eating some beignets & the same bride top for a dressed down look for a night out. This trendy starw bag is from target and literally obsessed with it!


42E6B4BA-F7DC-41B2-9F25-58EDF787FDFE79FC41A1-EF6E-489F-B99F-F71E246A4BC121F5B921-C1F9-40B1-9AEA-5CF6FDCCCC5ACECAE88F-1185-4377-9491-761F00A99D87            Shop this romper here

        F I N A L 💗 F L A M I N G O

Now back to wedding planning I go! Enjoy the rest of the week y’all.

xo, DeAnn


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