If your like me and everyone else who LOVES summer season. Cause finally pool days! Right?. Then grab your shades, grab a drink and your chemical free sunscreen as you head down to the pool and take a peak at what FUN must haves you need this summer!





Everything except the Tory burch sandals are under $50! Lately everything has been selling out pretty quick. So grab them while you can.

This summer will be in San Antonio mostly and I’m sure will make an appearance at the coast. Gary will definitely be wanting to fish a lot and spend time in the sun with our pups and close friends. Can’t get any better than that. I also REALLY want to take the boat to lake travis, even though it is in Austin but trying new things is cool right?! & it’ll be a first together as husband and wife. Wore number one in my previous post on the blog and on my honeymoon.  It also just got re stocked back up in a couple of sizes only, so hurry! Palm cover up I’ve been wearing to the lake and the pool is under 15 from Shein. My first purchase from them and I really was surprised at the quality and price.

I plan on doing some summer recipe drinks like the pineapple drink the hubby made for the pool (on the gram) since you can’t take glass to the pool.  Comment below what drink you’d want to see so I can get some ideas and narrow it down.



Cancun, Mexico



Well as yall may know we live in Texas and it can get pretty hot here. The pool, lakes and rivers and even the beach are what we take full advantage of during the summer. So since my hubby burns very quickly sunscreen is a MUST. This past year I changed sunscreens for him and I to chemical free sunscreens. That means, no oxybenzone, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, PABA, SLS, dyes and oils. I’m glad we made the change we needed to make in order to stop contributing in polluting our the oceans, lakes and rivers. Ultimately chemical free sunscreens are better for your skin, the water and the fish we swim in and around. They do exactly what they should be doing and are much better for your skin and aren’t creating any risks for reef, corals or marine life. My hubby and I noticed when we do the pool that we don’t see any oils surrounding us when were standing in the water nor are we getting terribly burnt day one (being out for 45 min, in and out of the water) and we feel pretty good about this change.

Believe me it was hard to get rid of  7-12 dollar spray bottles un used (wasting money) but it made a difference and were making one! Well known brands like. banana boat, coppertone, Neutrogena (the absolute worst in my opinion, chemically… even their makeup), equate and sun bum all contain inactive harmful ingredients. They suppress sunburns but raise the risk of other kinds of skin damage.

I hope you do some research yourself on what these name brands actually have you putting on your body and absorbing into your skin. You’d be amazed! Help protect your skin, your kids skin, coral reefs and ocean pollution. Make the change this summer. I listed some ones you can EASILY find at target, trader joes, ulta and drugstore.

Here’s a link on all the dangers of Chemicals in sunscree


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Don’t forget the floaties and rose or whatever you prefer to drink.  The hubby wanted me to remind you to NOT have GLASS in any water you enter this summer. Have fun, be safe and I hope you enjoy!



xo DeAnn!

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