Red + White & Blue

You guys, Happy 4th! I hope your all enjoying the day off and are by some form of water, cause it is HOT! & Maybe with some adult beverages.. Cause a margarita sounds pretty good right now.

Trying to beat the heat with my girlfriends and ended up at the pool, naturally. It’s been pretty hot here in Texas, so we grabbed some refreshments and pizza from a local joint in town called pizza classics (which are delicious by the way) and had some much needed girl time!

I linked everything you need to shop this look and some similar tops just incase anything sells out. Plus all the tops I’ve linked are all under $10!! MAJOR SALES GOING ON!

Shop my Look

EB56C75A-1C12-4C0A-AD15-D3581142CE5827366EFD-2FCE-48A5-A223-A5AA2CA98AA4C7B37883-2272-4D3D-9EE4-2C8A345FC056400BBE2A-F94E-4878-A18E-712F77188AA5D8370AFD-F914-4CC8-A470-838EA1802DD869CEE3E8-1224-4B3D-ACAD-61D2FBB03F27B682EF1E-7994-4787-9808-6C188D4A2ADF640DBB75-8071-4C9B-8449-965122AAA1AA6EB8311E-98E8-437E-9DB0-1C7745A031EB976C3634-7097-41BD-AE12-1848D3EAF9DB477F220A-963E-402D-884B-0E810091732AC7DA867E-1FE4-46A4-866C-B93632C80B788F3672C8-E5C0-47ED-8E96-F16E495C1B5F30B8BD7F-343A-41B8-8168-907B9EE0762BDF60B4E7-2D2C-4452-A01B-00E4D26CB47123A90C62-778A-4699-B362-BF5848386290BF1BC376-6DD0-46F2-9872-99590F791995C8915183-61A1-47A0-8312-8A7265CF7059Processed with VSCO with au1 preset75E71270-E138-4348-B0AE-8B8C0A6243F315623B04-C1BE-400D-A73F-86CE57ED960815F388DB-7CFA-4BFF-86B5-DDE16EF4390D554D2E7F-1D96-42FE-92B7-1F7FAA7E5CF8



Top 8.90 (favorite) : Here

Top 7.00 : Here

Top 4.99 : Here

Top 6.00 : Here

Top 14.00 (Most Similar) : Here


Similar Shorts : Here

Shorts : Here


Red Head Scarf : Here

Blue Head scarf : Here

Popsicle Float : Here

Necklace : Here

Sandals : Here

Sunglasses : Here

See y’all next Wed! Gonna talk more about what makeup I can’t live without & finally getting caught up on wedding & honeymoon! ❤️


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