Cruelty Free Makeup Routine


Sharing my Favorite go to’s & most importantly cruelty free makeup on today’s blog post!






 Can’t say nothing but good things about Mario Badescu rose water spray.  I use it for so many things. For a refresher when I have no makeup on. Before I put my moisturizer on and to set my makeup.  Really good buy and only 7.00 at ulta or amazon! This also comes in lavender and cucumber, so take your pick! 


kat von d

Kat Von D lock- it tattoo foundation has been my Go to after I stopped using my Este lauder full coverage foundation. I really wanted all the products I use to be cruelty free. So when I realized Kat Von D was cruelty free, I quickly went to go find my color. (even if you have makeup on… someone can swatch your neck and find your shade so don’t be scared)  I’ve tried it cosmetics (no) (the worst), tarte foundation (no), makeup forever (no), smashbox (no, but close).  All of them claimed to be this or that. But they never stayed put. I wanted to give up Este lauder full coverage foundation, but ONLY if I could replace it entirely and be cruelty free at the same time. & Kat Von D was it for me. I’m so happy I found this one and it has definitely been something I cant put down. It’s also a bit more affordable then Este lauder, gives you a little more product and bonus its NOT tested on ANIMALS! So glad I made this switch.

Out of all the bronzers that too faced has to choose from. I really liked the more natural looking bronzer. Sometimes I want to go a little more sunkissed, somedays I want a more natural glow. I’ve used this for years and its just worked best for my skin tone. Who doesn’t like to looked bronzed?! The color I use is in Natural sun bunny , it does last you quite awhile and sometimes you can even score this baby at Nordstrom rack or even Marshalls for a discounted price!



The BEST concealer ever! I don’t do any looks with out it. To dinner with my Hubby, going to lunch with the girls, shoots, all of it. This stuff is liquid GOLD!  I use the shade light – neutral and I really haven’t found anything comparable to it. It may be a little much, but it lasts so long its WORTH it. If you find any Cruelty Free concealers id love to try them out. Leave me some comments or DM me what ones you think I might like to try.


phototThis primer reminds me of the smash box  formula BUT at a way more affordable primer price.  It’s really smooth and preps your face evenly to apply foundation. (not sticky, not dry)  I’ve been buying this for years now. If I’m going to work I always grab this one or another affordable one like elf pore less primer. Cause who wants to use their expensive primers for every day work life!? No one. Ulta usually has a 50% sale online on Nyx all the time. So be on the look out! I love Nyx so much and lucky for ALL of you reading, I’m sharing a couple more things from Nyx. Still staying cruelty free! 🐰


Of course I was gonna mention Anastasia Beverly Hills, I use the color Carmel for a more natural look. Cause if you’ve ever tried her dip brow you can really go darker then you wanted pretty quickly. Less is more! Lasts you such a long time and worth not going in for a brow pencil all the time.  In comparison…. I do have my eye out for Kat Von D’s Dip pod and is on my list to try. Some say its not as dark as dip brow by Anastasia  but ill just have to compare the two. Then give you my thoughts. But hands down I love this dip brow and cant go without it on my everyday makeup.


I absolutely LOVE this finishing powder in the color Banana! I use this to set my concealer and go over it with a translucent powder afterwards (just using a tiny bit after setting with this) I have a neutral skin tone and pinks are my worst nightmare, so I need yellow to counter act any of those undertones. I do have a lot more yellow then pink/peach but I try not to use white just cause it doesn’t look so good with my undertones. Even some of the makeup girls at Ulta say its better than the famous powder by laura mercier and they use this on their clients. (when they were completely sold out everywhere)  Either way once I found this yellow finishing powder I was SOLD! & this powder also drops to half off at ulta sometimes!



elfElf has had some really good products over the years, still staying cruelty free. I stumbled upon this highlighter and literally just fell in LOVE! The color is Apricot Glow and I literally feel like a golden goddess! I put this everywhere, over my bronzer, cheeks, forehead, collar bone, where ever bronzer is and my nose of course. I can’t go without it since I’ve had it. Its also under $4 so affordable and a must have in my summer bag! One of the best colors I’ve found and such a good buy!


By now you must know I love NYX, they are just so affordable, cruelty free and their products are amazing! I use their lip lingerie liquid lipstick which is such a good formula.  Colors I’m obsessed with are Bedtime Flirt & PushUp (both my favorite nude colors by Nyx) They definitely get used for my everyday work makeup and they last quite awhile throughout my days. Everyday lippie that wont break the bank!


My go to lip pencil in the color Natural by Nyx also. I can literally use this with any nude lip I want and it just works. Its in my makeup travel and its under $4 at ulta. I use this on my daily lip with bedtime flirt and its amazing. I’ll even throw on some lip gloss and I’m done. The only pencil I use and can’t not take with me everywhere.



Wet n Wild highlighter in Golden Flower Crown is also very affordable and can be found at your local HEB here in Texas. Also under $5, I use this in mixed with my apricot glow just to give it a little more goddess vibes and a nice golden shimmer. I’m obsessed with this color and also their color in precious petals. If you don’t know already I live for those golden/peachy glows. They really just compliments my skin tone. Hope you try these babies out!



Last but not least! This palette from nyx has so many good shimmers and colors that compliment my darker tones for the summer. I do grab this throughout my work week and I love using some shimmer oranges to liner my under eye and smoking it out a bit to give me that smoky/summer look. I don’t really like lining my water line these days unless its with a white pencil or light ivory color. Smoking out the line under the eye is perfect and really makes my eyes appear larger. You can find this palette at ulta or target!❤️

I hope you guys like these affordable and cruelty free products I’ve linked here. I hope it helps you feel good about what your putting on your skin and that you don’t need to spend tons of money on everyday looks. We all work, we all have busy lives & sometimes we need a little bit of help before we decide to buy things for the first time. Always look at reviews and find out what’s an alternative. Don’t forget about looking for the cruelty free bunny 🐰

Xo DeAnn

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