Pink crush

We’re almost to February so that means… bring on everything pink,red,white, purple and of course throw some black in there for Valentine’s Day options!

(Which reminds me, if you haven’t been to the #targetdollarspot you need to go now. Lol.)

I can’t get enough of this top! I thought a cutout back like this wouldn’t work for me. But turns out I can do so much with it and so flattering! Had to share with you the other color options in this as well! If you’re not a pink fan. I’m also a HUGE fan of red! (same sweater here)

Pair this with some light jeans or white jeans like the ones I’ve linked. Under $20! Which is so affordable. I’m wearing a size small for reference.


Coming up:

I’ll be posting some date ideas later and some advice, including what I’ve learned being with Gary for Our 6th Valentine’s Day together ❤️



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