Natural Teeth Whitening

Welcome y’all! The time has finally come to give you my thoughts on the whitening system I received from smile brilliant! If you follow me you know Ive been using this to whiten my teeth while I usually do my makeup. I try my best to take care of my teeth and I try to stay consistent on whitening them when I have time or when I’ve had too much coffee or wines. I’m a firm believer in brushing your teeth after every meal not just twice a day. That just doesn’t cut it in my book. So yes I care a TON about my dental hygiene. After all you only have one set of teeth forever.

Growing up, my teeth are straight yes, due to the fact that I actually had braces before in middle school and taken off right before hs. They turned out pretty good I will say. I’ve just been trying to maintain them as time has passed. Definitely thanking my mother on this one.

Since then, I’ve been trying to find the best products for my teeth. From mouth wash, tooth paste and teeth whitening. Trying everything from natural toothpastes, whiting strips, crest two step, whiting gel and even plain old lemon and peroxide at home. I’ve done it. Some work slightly, some take long to see results, some are harsh for your teeth. Not to mention some are not cruelty free. Which I have changed my whole house hold on this value.

(Lemon and peroxide is an all natural teeth cleaner & whitener a perfect diy @ home)

I even considered professional natural teeth whitening, but it can get pricey πŸ™ˆ Plus I work m-f and I don’t have time to go get them done all the time or money to just keep doing all these things. I wanted something vegan & cruelty free and something that would work quickly!

Than… smile brilliant reached out to partner with me. I read up on them & I found out that they are VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE! (Before I accepted of course) How amazing right? Everything I’ve been wanting and more! Bonus : they have you mold your teeth out and you get to make your own custom whitening teeth trays. Which helps tremendously in getting every angle of your teeth whitened. You can say…. I was very excited to try their system!

Smile Brilliant is a at home teeth whitening system. They send you a box full of 2 impression trays. One for your top teeth and one for your bottom teeth. In the box there is a total of 3 bases & 3 catalyst material to create the teeth molds. They give you a 3rd one just incase you mess up like I did… and you have another mold to fall back in order to complete your impressions.

I will say the process was very easy! It’s not rocket science. You make your molds and send them off with their packaging & shipping label they have given you. Including very detailed step by step instructions.

Once the molding process is done, you send off your trays! Once you get them back… you may now get into the teeth whitening stage. (You should receive your impressions back within a week max!)

Next : In the box you have 4 syringes of whitening gels & 4 syringes of desensitizing gels. (which helps with teeth sensitivity)

I used the whitening gel for about 30-45 mins each time. Sometimes while I was getting ready. It’s that easy! I actually didn’t have to use the desensitizing gel but once as a precaution to protect my teeth. I honestly had no sensitivity what so ever. But everyone is different. One syringe gave me enough for 4 application sessions of top and bottom whitening. I only needed 6 to get my desired results. If you need more gels, you can always order some individually here.

RESULTS: were very quick within 2 sessions I saw significant changes! I whitened while doing my makeup, doing dishes, folding clothes, in the shower and getting ready for the day! Every working girls dream! (See photos below) πŸ‘‡πŸΌ


So since I got to try and use this amazing whitening system! Now one of you gets to do the same!!!!


I’ve partnered with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky winner a chance to try this WHOLE SYSTEM!


Benefits of custom trays:

Smile Brilliant’s Ingredient list: (Vegan and cruelty free!)

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