Causal Basics

Hello everyone!

111A0AB0-0706-4BD6-A3D7-DD753047495F.jpegIs it just me or this Texas weather playing mind games an all. I ended up getting a cold. Total bummer, right!? Probably stemming from allergies and it turned into a cold. But either way, I got a little better and ran some errands. Not many… but I still felt better getting out of the house. I wanted my feet to stay warm since they were cold all day! I threw on my uggs (which are on sale btw) a cream causal (cropped) and some BASIC leggings. Gotta love those basics! Kept it real casual. Now when I usually think casual I think… “spice” it up casual every time. Went with a beanie for a cute touch and I ran those errands. Feeling cute, not sick was the goal lol






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