My top Favorite books


Does anyone love a good read? I sure do! I’ve been getting a book collection and it seems to keep growing. Mainly cause most of the books I love include some recipes. Here are a few I own and have read.


Now I LOVE me some Jessie James Decker! So of course I wanted to read her book and check out her yummy recipes. She talks about her life and gives some of the best advice and isn’t shy about it. (The truth lol) and she has some good recipes that I’ve been dabbling in since. I highly recommend 💋

Kate Spade Book  is all about the style and entertaining which I love!!! Any thing you didn’t think of this book has it for you. I got really inspired by this book cause it gives you so much detail. Plus it has some ideas to follow and some drinks that need to be made! Recommend this one and give this book a 10 😜


Garance Dore  love, style, life book has everything! The title says it all. Down to helping with getting the perfect shot. Mani, pedi and facial advice, hair tips, learning when to say no and feeling good on the inside and out. She definitely nailed it. Love this one incase I need some refreshers!



Kate Hudson’s book is very fun and I love! She entertains a bit more kinda book and I am obsessed with it. She has some healthy drink and food recipes and styling your home for your guests or just for your everyday. (Also Kate Hudson has another book called pretty happy if you want some more entertaining recipes!)


This pink little book by Aimee Song is just every girls (or even boy) guide to bringing out their creativity. This book is filled with knowledge of how to capture a photo, what your good angles are, what goes with your feed, sunlight or dark lighting and who your trying to attract to your page. It really is a good book! Highly recommend this one as it has helped me a ton!

So those were the ones I could really speak on and I can say they were ALL good. Haven’t had any I needed to return cause it just bombed. So far I’ve loved everyone of them. I hope this helped if you’ve been wanting to pick these up and give them a read 💗

Now books I haven’t tried but they are on my list! Cause I’m sure I’ll accumulate them soon. See them below

Magnolia table

If you haven’t seen the dynamic and hilarious Chip & Joanna Gains duo of Waco, Tx. Then where have you been?! (She also has another book on magnolia home & their story together book) This book and her home one are on my top lists!

Cravings for more

The first cravings and this book is probably going to be my next purchase. They are both best sellers. She has a lot of food recipes & I’m all for them and putting my kitchen to work! Especially the entertaining parts. (tips and tricks)

Girl wash your face

I’ve seen this book being read by a lot of girls and they are loving it. I think be cause Rachel Hollis is so real in this book. Put away those myth of what you have to live up to or how. Challenging the norms while inspiring others. Good one to pick up next.

Insta Style book

One of my top next books to get next. Im all about the insightful analytics and handy business tools to help you elevate to the next level. I love to create and I know a lot of us do. Learning is what we do everyday and this book is full of social media knowledge. So this book it self is a tool. Instead of a hammer or screw driver to help you do things. That’s what the book will bring.

Let me know if you try them out and tag me! Would love to hear your thoughts & especially on the ones I haven’t read!


Have a wonderful day xoxo 💋


2 thoughts on “My top Favorite books

  1. I love Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily wrote two books and they are the best. One book focuses on fashion, beauty, home, and entertaining. The second book is all about the home. I know you would enjoy those. Great post, I also have Aimee songs book and Garance book.


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