Baby Christensen

Hey y’all! I’ve been dying to get a blog post about baby Christensen since we’ve announced but LIFE. We’ve both been so busy since finding out we’re pregnant. It’s been a ride so far!!!

Let’s start with….. our GENDER REVEAL!

We did our gender reveal mainly for our parents and family this past weekend. I couldn’t take not knowing already and I’m not one to wait at all. Plus I was tired of waiting and really wanted to know. Gary on the other hand could have done the whole waiting game and have someone make a cake or something but I said no to that lol so he didn’t want me to know and him not know at the same time. So we found out at 20 weeks and told the parents in our own way same week we found out.

(Video will be up to tell you what we’re having boy or girl on IG. Haven’t decided IGTV or just stories.)

Gary’s brilliant idea was to get some big containers and fill them up with red (pink was just to light) and blue water dye. Fill them up with little babies from amazon and spray paint 3 GOLD babies and put those in the jar of the gender we’re having.

It was so nerve racking waiting for Gary’s nieces to pull out a baby. But on try number 9 a gold baby was pulled! It was so exciting and afterwards all the relief of keeping this little secret was lifted and this mama needed to rest. It was a long weekend of organizing and making this happen lol BUT so worth it.

(Ballon Garland was super easy! Did it my self with the help of Gary being my ladder to hang everything of course. Balloon packs were all a $1 at dollar tree and I grabbed 6 packs 2 of each color. Loved how they all turned out)


We were planning on trying for a baby already this year. We were truly ready and both on the same page about everything. I had my days planned out when I wanted to start. Yes I’m that girl and I’m that girl who plans. I wanted to just get it right. That being said… we got home from Vegas in February and took a test. I was feeling a little off but didn’t think that fast!? Lol

Negative on the first test. So then a week and a half later I took a test cause I was feeling so tired by 2pm it was nuts and not feeling the best. On feb 21 took another test and boom we were pregnant and I just knew my body. Gary actually didn’t believe me and made me take another one just for safe measure. But he was definitely convinced after that lol


Then came ALL the nausea. PEANUT BUTTER WAS NOT MY FRIEND. The smell of it made me wanna hurl! Gary has a vape and guess what flavor he had? Yeah, I pretty much would get so irritated (pregnancy irritation is real lol) at him and tell him to leave the room, brush your teeth before kissing. Everything! I couldn’t be around it. Let alone eat a pb&j which I loved before I was pregnant lol I hated being nauseas it’s almost like I rather throw up and get it over with. But during work if I wasn’t eating something I was nauseated. I can say it stopped once I hit week 16. Thanks heavens. I threw up a total of 3-4 times. Most was either about a prenatal vitamin I didn’t like, peanut butter or eating to fast. (remember choose your prenatal vitamins wisely) Nothing crazy just that lingering of am I needing to throw up or not feeling all the time draining me.

I was also so ready for bed by 3pm everyday. I was SO sleepy the first 3 months. I got some energy back ending my first trimester. But the first trimester was something lol

Remember we’re all different and so are our bodies. Not everyone has the same experience. Just to be warned.


Both Gary and I looked up when was the ideal time to tell family and friends your pregnant. Usually waiting till 10-12 weeks to tell family and friends is ideal. Until the risk of miscarriage drops dramatically. But we decided to tell our parents at 9 weeks with this little pacifier idea. It was really cute. (Just gave these to each of our parents) My mom cried of course, Gary’s step mom did too, and I think Gary’s dad was TRYING not to cry lol

We literally have just been doing our own thing with how we wanna celebrate, do things and how we wanna tell people. We’ve been very private since finding out. Even on sharing on ig and what I wanna share has been a struggle. All that matter is what you choose to do. So focusing on how we want to do things as a couple has been our main goal. As it should be with other couples and how they want to handle their growing families.

(See photo, got idea off of Pinterest and made it my own.)


The nurse was very sweet and so informative which Gary and I loved. Telling us what we were seeing on the screen was so cool getting to see legs, arms, heart, head, hands and stomach. We were in such amazement. Such happy moments!! The nurse totally didn’t mess around and told us the minute she put that roller on my tummy to see the baby, what we were having. We both double asked if she was sure lol When we found out I literally was holding back tears. I was just so happy that we finally knew and could start planning. Gary was so happy and were so amazed seeing the baby on the screen. Very cool seeing that I truly am growing a little human. We both thought it was so special. Finally getting our hands on more sonograms of full baby was pretty cool too!

Maternity Style :

Just FYI : I totally wont be sharing maternity clothes. I’ll just be continuing to size up on things and wearing comfortable wear with y’all.

A huge thanks for all your support and love in this wonderful time in our lives! Our baby is so loved already, we are so blessed.

Love the Christensen’s πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’™

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