Amazon Prime Accessories

Hey y’all, glad you’re here! Since amazon Prime Day is next week. Today I’m sharing my favorite amazon summer/trendy accessories! Only two items are over $30. Amazon prime day starts July 15 and lasts till July 16th. So make sure you have these items in your cart & ready to go before stuff sells out.

1. Valentino Dupe sandals are MY FAVORITE BUY! They come in many other colors (white & nude I want next). Super comfy, must pick whole size of your a half size like me. Not slippery and very comfy!

2. Oversized shades have many colors and give you that designer style look! Loving these leopard ones best!

3. Cartier Dupe ring (make sure to size up a little) such a great dupe!

4. Bohemian heart earrings come in black and white and are really on trend rn!

5. These earrings come in 3 different styles! They have some good detail and are a perfect statement earring!

6. Rainbow square baguette ring is a top buy on amazon! A similar style to bauble bars summer rings.

7. Beaded round statement earrings in lilac and many other colors to choose from!

8. Checkered wallet resembles the LV wallet and it’s a perfect dupe being well made.

9. River slide Sandals are very cute and another Valentino dupe! Such a good price for them being $40!

10. Snake print kimono you’ll need before the summer ends! On trend and under $15

11. Beaded heart dangle earrings are so precious. See link for other colors!

12. Thicker Cartier Dupe ring and also comes in rose gold and silver.

13. Dupe crossbody LV similar and very well made, plus they have great reviews! Good deal!

14. Beautiful statement earrings in these gorgeous black and white! I have these in my cart 🙌🏼

15. Statement Earrings that come in a pair of 3 for only 13.99! Great deal and the perfect summer earrings.

16. Black bamboo summer bag, I did share this on my amazon finds but in the basic bamboo color. Keep in mind this bag is now out with pink, rainbow and white. Many colors to choose from!

17. Teardrop statement earrings in this bright yellow summer color. Also my other favorite from them is in the color fuchsia!

18. Oversized square sunglasses and are the perfect stylish glasses that look expense but for a great deal instead!

19. Drop dangle leaf earrings are very trendy this summer! Under 8.00 which is such a good steal!

20. Tassel earrings I’ve shared in a different color on my amazon finds and are even more precious in this color.

21. Bauble bar dupe stackable eternity ring in rainbow gems🌈

22. Another style in these statement earrings! Would be very cute with a white dress or black jumpsuit

I’ll be sharing some household, home and other items that are my favorite amazon primes I order! Again most of these I just shared above are amazon prime. Stay tuned for Friday’s public access Nordstrom Sale Picks!

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