Smile Brilliant CariPRO GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome back y’all!

Guess what I’ve been trying!? If you remember my first collaboration with smile brilliant, it was with their amazing teeth whitening system (which I still use btw and LOVE) that we gave away to one lucky winner to try out for free! But today we are teaming up again to tell you about a new quality product that I’ve been using for a bit now. Keep reading and I’ll tell ya all about it and Don’t forget to enter in the GIVEAWAY at the end!

Introducing the Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush!

For the past month I got the lucky chance to try out the NEW cariPRO electric toothbrush from smile brilliant. Since being pregnant all my hormones have been a little outta wack, especially in my gums. Having a tooth brush that focuses more on my teeth goals was a huge plus for me. My biggest pet peeve is keeping my teeth clean and white. All while sticking to using natural products and keeping up with my dental hygiene. The best part about this electronic toothbrush is that it has 5 unique brush modes that are: clean, whitening, massage, gum care, and sensitive. I’ve used them all but absolutely ENJOY the whitening mode the most. It improves whiter teeth by 2x in one week and the results definitely didn’t lie. It comes with 2 brush heads and a charging base. (No batteries needed!) Not to mention this electronic tooth brush is portable and waterproof. Overall my oral care has improved since I began using this multi function electronic toothbrush and really giving me a boost I needed from a manual toothbrush. Hands down a great quality electronic toothbrush.

Now that I’ve shared my experience with you. I’m so excited to say that I get to team up with @smilebrilliant to give one lucky follower a chance at winning the new CariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush of your very own to and experience the results in a GIVEAWAY !

It’s very easy to enter! Click the link below and enter your name and email. That’s it!? SUPER QUICK & EASY!

Giveaway Link:

For further info on the Ultrasonic Electric Tooth brush links are below

Electric Toothbrush:

(for head refills)

Electric Toothbrush Heads:

Smile Brilliant FAQ:

Don’t worry if you don’t get a chance at winning this pro toothbrush here is a 20% off discount code : 20deannchristensen

Good Luck to everyone and I hope I’m able to team up again with @smilebrilliant to give you great products like this to share with y’all! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about this new product. Don’t forget to click the link to enter!


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