WINTER STYLE: A Pop of a Beanie



Hello everyone! This mama has been keeping it casual and getting glammed when I can. So here is this causal look I went to run errands in. Just added a bright beanie which is on sale for $5 right now! I was torn to have a pink beanie with a poof (which is also on sale for $5) but went with one with out. So I linked both for y’all. JUST INCASE. You know I love choices and giving y’all some too. Bright accessories are a great pop this winter and I’m here for it! I’m actually working on a blog post dedicated to these leggings and how many ways you can style them since I live in them practically. Love pairing my OTK boots with a simple leggings like this. Will have to share soon.

Now back to finishing some baking for family and friends. Almost done over here. Happy Tuesday friends!

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