Affordable Picture Frames

Happy New year! First blog post of the year 🤍 Today I wanted to share with you all some affordable frames to snag and hopefully inspire you to start hanging and printing out those precious memories from last year. Not going over board on high priced picture frames but using affordable and great looking frames that look just a good. Fancy but still affordable!

To be honest going through your camera and phone photos takes a little bit of effort. If you have a printing photo machine at home… then excellent. But if you don’t Walmart, CVS or Walgreens is where your going to have to pick up photos and get them printed out. Online or in store. I usually don’t like making a double trip so I do them online. Usually they have a 1 hr pick up so it’s not too bad.

The photos I wanted to frame and hang are the ones in our entry hallway. I wanted to add some touches of baby cause he hasn’t had any yet around the house. So I’ve been wanting to get some good photos of him and with us. Now that I have the photos it’s time to hang them in the frames I picked up.

Here is an example of what I’m trying to go for in our entry way. (Btw our mirror is a bit larger but you’ll get it)

These are the photo frames I chose for under $10 each (picked up 4)

linked more affordable frames here 👇🏼

1. White Frame (using 11×14)

2. Rustic Frame

3. Gallery wall set

4. Pretty gold frame

5. Fancy frames (have these in my living room) 

y wall ideas:

I’ll show you in another post the full result once I get the hubby to help me hang them. I hope you get a little inspiration from this post and tackle hanging frames in your home this year. Good luck! xo

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