FEBRUARY Target Finds ❤️

First blog post of FEBRUARY 💗 Hi guys!

Coming at ya with this super comfortable grey set for only $25 doll hairs. Lol I almost grabbed it in coral but thought what would I wear more… and caved for grey. (also comes in yellow)

Since this winter weather is ever changing, I like to be comfortable when I’m at home. Who doesn’t? But not HOT! So this mama takes comfort and breezy very seriously around here. These are a DEAL you can’t beat. But if your not a neutral girl then I totally recommend getting one of the other colors. This set is from Target and they are ABSOLUTELY stepping up their game 👏🏼
I try to do a target run at least twice a month so make sure to follow me on Instagram (click here) to find some good deals and target finds! Plus it gets me OUT OF THE HOUSE! xoxo


Went ahead and linked below some target finds I found this month! 🥰


More Target Finds to come! Springs around the corner. That means skirts, swims and dresses are coming in soon.
Check back next month for some new finds or quicker finds just follow me @deannxchristensen


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