Easy Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board 💗


Hello everyone! Bringing you a little fun Valentines inspiration to do with your family, friends, loved ones or even just cause YOU want too!❤️🤍💗

Sharing a simple & EASY charcuterie board Valentine’s Day inspired. That you can try at home. See what I created below! 🥰

First: you’ll need a board of any size, depending on how big of a board you’d like to create. I used a nice medium sized tray for this idea. (see



                   shop these boards here


Second: figure out what can fit on your board and what goodies you want to put on. (This can be done for any themed board. Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving or even Halloween can be easily achieved) There’s even boards you can do with just different kinds of fruits, cheese & crackers, sandwiches, really the possibilities are endless ❤️


  • Oreos (half dipped in white chocolate)

Third: add everything that’s done to your board and fill in ALL THE SPACE! Give yourself enough room for each item. Add more of anything to make sure it looks like a good evenly spread.

FINISHED:  Take a photo before you eat! Drink some wine and enjoy with the girls or watch the bachelor and enjoy! (You could totally add popcorn to this)


Used this treat board for a Super Bowl! I was a HIT, nothing was left but some chocolates. Hope y’all enjoyed this one 💗 


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