Cruelty Free Baby Essentials

Welcome back! Glad you’re here, cause this new mama has some things to share.

Since becoming a mama I’ve been on a huge cruelty free/health kick. Switching out and being aware of what I’m buying for my little guy, for my household and all the way down to what I’m even giving my pups. Today I’ll be sharing some must have essentials for baby that are cruelty free. I’ll be sharing lowest to highest and sharing the best bang you can get for your buck. Cause we ALL KNOW BABIES AREN’T CHEAP. All the while sticking to what healthy products you want to give your baby and not having to compromise due to prices.

ALL PRODUCTS I’m sharing in this post are cruelty free! Meaning they were not tested on animals. Also made with non harmful clean ingredients. Safe for baby and you 🤍


          Lowest to highest 



Size 1

Size 2

Size 3


Cloud Island

  • 80ct – $2.99
  • 240ct – $7.99
  • 500ct – $11.49
  • 800ct – $16.99

Hello Bello

  • 56ct – $1.98
  • 180ct – $5.68
  • 360ct – $11.02
  • 600ct – $14.98
  • 900ct – $22.23


  • 36ct – $2.99
  • 72ct – $4.99
  • 288ct – $18.99
  • 576ct – $33.99
  • 729ct – $42.99

In my personal OPINION… we love the hello bello brand the most! Some times when we are growing into another size I’ll get small packs of the size we are now and then will make the switch. Rather then continuing to buy diapers in bulk. We are on size 3 right now but I’m sure size 4 is right around the corner for us. Also the prints are SUPER CUTE! They have them in boy prints and girls, so take your pick! Plus you aren’t having to pay the Honest brand prices and you’re still getting cute prints. How fun still 🙂

I still want to mention: Hello Bello prices are even less expensive then pampers! Check the prices for yourself and see!

Palmer Diaper Prices

Newborn – 104ct – $24.99 or

Jumbo packs – 32ct – $8.99

Size 1 – 120ct – $24.99

Size 2 – 112ct – $24.99

Size 3 – 104ct – $24.99


Hello Bello – $6.98

Cloud Island – $7.99

Honest – $9.99


Hello Bello – $5.98 – 9.8oz

Cloud Island – $7.99 – 12oz

Honest – $9.99 – 10oz

That’s all for now! I hope this helped point you in the right direction to cruelty products. AND Hey! maybe even save some money too.

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