You guys! Welcome back 🤍 so happy you’re here for this. I can’t believe how fast these months are coming and going. Gary James’s First Easter is going to be a special one to remember for us all. So I thought as usual to get ahead of the crowd lol and start peeping what I wanted to pack into his little Easter basket.


Okay, so I thought really hard about what I wanted to do for an Easter basket each year for baby Gary. I thought about doing a new basket or the same basket. But I think for his first year and being so little were gonna opt the basket and get him a wagon. (Plus will use the heck outta that wagon!) That wagon we’re gonna fill with eggs of course and all the items here I’m sharing with y’all. |find similar wagons here|

Making your own baskets are the best. You get to decide what your child can eat, have to play with, toy wise or how much candy they get. Or you Don’t even need to give them candy. Healthy snacks are just as good too, and honestly better for them!!



Grabbed this little guy for Gary James’s First Easter Bunny!! & she interacts with the kiddos🤍 linked the best priced |still fully stocked|
Interaction toys are the best!! Give your little one some entertainment and helps them learn! WINNER WINNER 👍🏼
the cutest little egg carton of eggs! Helps baby or toddler match up the eggs. How fun and perfect for Easter 🐣 Shop Here
How cute is this bunny in the BOX!? 🥰

These are never a miss with babies or toddlers! Can’t go wrong with building blocks. Gets their brains movin.
Soft blocks that make for fun and teething easy!



3 pack of these
colorful little spoons
sippy cups

You wanna be practical at what little goodies you’re giving you baby or toddler. Giving them little treats like above to help them with teething and bonus it’s a healthy TREAT! Just by giving them something they’ll really USE. They’ll eat them and prob love them and you’ll prob have to buy more too lol Little sippy cups and colorful spoons helps them as they grow into eating and drinking on their own. Perfect to throw in an Easter basket for your littles. Plus they add some color to the basket.


Eggie Teether
the cutest little carrot 🥕
sweet fruit teethers

Babies and toddlers will enjoy these cuties! I can’t get enough of the carrot 🥕 Sweet and smart little goodie to throw in those baskets.


shop quickly
Shop Here
shop onesie
Easter Sunday attire
Easter outfit
baby blue Easter

Sweet and simple little onesies or dressy outfits! I’m obsessed with anything that has a little bunny tail 🙊 also if you’re a girl mom. They have the bunny set in pink too! |find it here| So many great finds! I’m so glad I had the chance to share with y’all! I can’t wait to dress this little bunny of mine and we can’t wait to celebrate Easter 🐣 It’s gonna be a GOOD ONE!!

I hope this helped y’all in creating your very own baskets. Much easier then trying to find the right one in store. With the right goodies or the right toys. Thanks for reading!


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