Simple Easter Tablescape Idea

Well we’ve made it to Easter weekend! I’ve been planning my dinning table to fit 8 but it’ll just be 4 this year. That’s ok though will have some virtual seats 💕 I’ve been so excited to share this little space with you. I picked up these bunny plates (salad plates) and spring dinner plates for this years Easter tablescape. They say over the years you accumulate dishes etc, and I believe that to be true. Some years you don’t have it all and the next you just add to what you have or buy what you want or need for holidays or occasions along the way. That was me this year. Were only going on our second year in our home and we didn’t have a dinning room or large table like this in our old house. So this is all new to me and what I would like to have for dinners and parties.

For me big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas are very important to us having folks over for dinner. As well as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, New Year’s Eve, maybe a wine night or two or even birthdays! So needing to have this space set up was a must.

Now that we have this space I’ve been able to add to it when I can each holiday or event. It’s all a process don’t worry.


Back to it! These plates were so cute and a really good deal. I will mention pier one always has great tablescape ideas and I went in store and got a ton of ideas while looking around. They had bunny plates just as well but for a higher price. I just happened to find these and for much less and went for the ones pictured. SHOP HERE

There are two different bunny plates as you can tell and three different Easter dinner plates. One bunny is showing you it’s bum with a pink trim and the other front facing bunny with a green trim. Dinner plates I decided to mix, I ordered 3 blue plaid, 2 pink plaid and 4 floral. Set across the table they look great. I’m really happy how they all look with combined dinner plates.


I did share where I picked up these wine glasses for a dollar a piece. On my Instagram stories. I bought eight of them. Couldn’t pass them up. They are very elegant, simple and you can’t beat the price. They reminded me of exact glasses I saw at pier one while i was in there. SCORE FOR ME! SHOP HERE


Back to the table. It’s really all about stacking. The more you stack the more dinner everything just looks in my opinion. I’ve had these nest looking chargers underneath the plates that I bought at home goods a year ago. They have so many to choose from and for a great deal. You can use many other different chargers. I just happened to have these. SHOP HERE


The napkins you see wrapped up with some bunny ears. Which are napkin holder rings that I picked up in Targets Dollar section. They had them again this year, that I saw. Napkins were also from home goods. Target, Marshall’s, home goods, and Tjmax for any occasion will have some napkins for you to look at during whatever time of year your going for. Found a set of twelve for $8.99. While I had some extras incase we add a couple of spots. Christmas they’ll be Christmas ones, Easter, Valentine’s Day, thanksgiving, Halloween etc. Just peak in and look around and I’m sure you’ll find some for what you’re looking for. SHOP HERE


Anything else you want to add is just some more fun! A center piece would be nice, placing your silverware prior to guests showing up (like restaurant style) gives it a little bit of formal elegance, adding some Easter eggs, a center piece like flowers (I added a bunny you could even a cake on the cake stand and make a bunny cake), plate for your deviled eggs, bunny’s or eggs on top of the plates to add more of a layer and even egg place cards. All around there are so many ideas you could do but this one was simple for me to do this year. I had some bunnies already and just added some to the table. I also have had these candles scattered throughout the table (they light up) for years now. So I light them on occasion. SHOP HERE

I hope this inspires you to add some EXTRA FUN to your Easter table this Sunday!! Enjoy the weekend and HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!

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