Spring Shoe Crushes


You guys! All I can do is shop!? So many great finds going on. Hoping this post finds you well and in the shopping mood. Bringing you some of my favorite spring shoes at the moment! Needing my Steve Madden sandals to hurry up and get here. (they are the shoe of spring 2020)

So many retailers are having righthuge sales right now. It’s INSANE. Everything is flying off the shelves. Mostly in part of, stuff that’s going on sale usually isn’t on sale. But since this pandemic everything is being skipped over and where moving to Christmas lol just kidding but really, that’s why there are so many sales. Take advantage if you can. If not toilet paper is priorities 👏🏼 then comes cute shoes!!

I’ve always tried to encourage you to shop smart and buy what you need or use. If you don’t wear it it wasn’t worth the buy. So take your pick and see what shoes you can wear and match with many outfits.

I’ve been trying to find some leopard wedges that weren’t made of cork. So these under $45 were a great find! How cute are they!?

Studded sandals are on trend and are a must have for spring and probably going into summer! These are stunner and also come in cognac. White goes with so much during spring take your pick.

Another Steve Madden shoe! Spring or summer shoe. Recommended to be worn with skirts, rompers or jumpsuits. boho dresses and shorts!

These babies also come in white y’all! I have shoes similar to these in white and I can’t ever find anything that WON’T match with them. They’re a great spring shoe and very trendy! Hands down a FAVORITE!

Ordered these metallic gold wedges! Wedges like these last so long! Why? Cause of the base isn’t made of cork and cork doesn’t last long. I’ve learned over the years. No matter if it’s some fabulous brand. Cork is just not sustainable base for a shoe. Take my advice 🤍 and get wedges that are made from the same type of material that these are made from. Affordable and they won’t scuff on you in 5 months.

FAVORITE ALERT: these are the spring shoe of the season, hands down. Not only are they a hit, but every color they have is cute. From white, tan, snakeskin and even clear are selling out and back ordered. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you order these. You won’t regret it!

From studs to jewels 💎 these are a pretty sandal! They can go with practically anything and can easily be dressed up with whatever your wearing, promise (even joggers) Instant compliments when you wear these.

These are a $35 find! Same material as the other wedges I shared a few up. They are so flattering and they also come in black too! Not too high either. And I do mom things now and I felt comfortable enough to walk with my kid in them. Not a mile or anything but you know, to dinner and such.

FAVORITE alert! These are under $20. It gets better, they come in so many fun colors. I have them in black and need them in nude. They also come in no studs version. Non slip when you walk and they don’t poke you or anything crazy like that. They are truly a good sandal!

Last one! I tried these on a while back in the store before crap hit the fan and these were so perfect. You just know when you know, that you’ll wear them and they’ll be used a lot with what you wear. These were it. Sadly I waited to long and didn’t grab my size. But a restock is coming!

That’s all for this weeks spring shoe crushes! I hope you are staying safe and healthy with your families at home. We will beat this and bounce back, have faith. Hope you enjoyed this one. Happy shopping friends 💖

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