Gold Jewels from ShopLC

Hello, welcome back!

Just got in these beautiful gold pieces of jewelry from shoplc and I couldn’t wait to share with y’all what I picked out. By far hands down some of the best vermeil gold jewelry I’ve worn to date. From this star ring, moon earrings & matching moon ring 🌙

shop here

Gold jewelry is pretty even with how much I love silver jewelry as well. Over the years I’ve been adding more and more dainty gold gems to my accessories. These pieces I received I took with me to the beach recently and wore them with whatever outfit I could match. They held up very well in the heat, near the water and did NOT tarnish not one bit. I’m pleased to say I’ll be grabbing these quite a bit this summer. Follow me on Instagram to see more ways I’ll style these in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing these new beautiful pieces from @shoplctv

shop here

To shop any of these affordable pieces |click here| Use code: DeAnn35 at checkout to receive 35% off your order! @deannxchristensen

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