Father’s Day Gift Guides 2020


This year is My Husbands First Official Father’s Day since our son arrived back in October. I had plenty of ideas of what I’ve been wanting to get him and what men really use. So I created these to help myself of what I’ve gotten him already and what I plan on getting him. Plus I get to help y’all out as well and give you a thumbs up husband approved. Men are so tough to shop for but I’m pretty sure the guys say the same thing about the women.


1. Tiles are a fun little tool for anyone but especially dad. Picked these cause they can be used on keys, computer bags, luggage or even stick one to the back of your phone.

2. Customizable socks for dad or any face you’d like to these! I’d love to add my babies face to these for my hubby!

3. Small card holder that can attach to the back of dads phone.

4. Monogram bottle opener card that fits into any card holder or wallet. A Under $10 Gift.

5. For dads office! Customize his very own desk name plate. You can really get creative with what you wanna name it.

6. Dad mug to add to the his collection.

7. Fun trendy comfortable dad shoes! Can’t go wrong with adidas. Plus under $60.

8. Best fishing glasses hands down. Why costas, cause my hubby owns about 6 pair. A total expert on these plus they are durable in saltwater and last years. Highly recommend these. They are a splurge! (save for an occasion)

9. Modern photo album to give to dad as a gift. Very cherish able gift.


Since most of us need things quick or in a pickle! Amazon is such a great go to when search for dad this Father’s Day. You’ll find a little bit of everything. ALL AMAZON FINDS!

Dada book is perfect for first time dads and I did order this for my husbands first official Father’s Day!

Yeti mug or tumbler are always a good idea for dad. They loose things, the destroy things get them this so it lasts awhile. Amen.

Darts are a fun games for dad to add to his man cave! Comes with darts and scoreboard. All for under $40, can’t beat that.

Sentimental dad hammer. Would make a great gift and he’ll always cherish it. Box it up for display or leave as is.

Dad jokes book is only $5, dad will use this forsure.

Basic photo album to add photos too.

Shark tee for dad and they do have some matching tees to match along with dad!

Polaroid camera that dad will love to use. Snap a photo and prints it right out. This is a little bit of a fancy one. Running $70, but worth the hype.

You still have plenty of time to shop for dad!! Linked everything and added everything to my LIKEtoKNOW.it here. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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