| Denver Colorado | 3 DAY TRIP TO DO LIST

Talking about our recent Denver trip in today’s post!! Hi there friends ⭐️ So happy to be able to put this together and share with you all. I’ve been so excited to tell you all the details and hoping it helps make things a little more easier on anyone wanting to travel to Denver Colorado.

This would be my second time traveling to Denver, Co. I traveled once in the winter (which was so lovely and nice) two years ago and now once in the summer (2020). My second trip back this summer went very smoothly, even with baby! In fact it helped me remember the locations we’ve been to previously, which helped me navigate pretty well around town. Making this trip easy to visit and enjoy. For this most recent trip, I wanted to find some new places for us to land on and visit in the three days we’d be in town. With COVID still going on pretty much everywhere… a few things we’re closed or not very active. Luckily, I had some places I wanted to see on my travel list and I made sure they were going to be open. Prior to venturing out of the hotel. Helpful tip: check hours of location before you leave your hotel. It truly helped maintain our timing out and about each day with baby. This trip I did travel with my husband and our 9 month old. I will say, it went quite nicely and was a very good trip to just change up the scenery. We absolutely loved it.

Now that you have some info let’s talk Denver. I tried to make sure I didn’t miss any huge details on locations (finding them made easier for you) we visited and put everything together accordingly.

1. Union Station

Address: 1701 Wynkoop St
Denver, CO 80202
United States

One of the top places to see and most loved! Union station was one of the first places I fell in love with in Denver. A station turned a arts-style transport hub, while featuring a great shopping and dinning scene. You’ll find union station to have so much to offer in and outdoors. They have good ole wifi if you just want to work or study while admiring your surroundings. They have great places to eat or have a drink at like the Cooper Lounge, Terminal Bar, Stoic Genuine, The Crawford and Nextstore American Eatery to name some for you to check out on your next visit. Highly recommend if you also need a bit of a pit stop to cool down, rest and use the restroom (with a baby it was a great place to know). Put this on your list to visit if you’re ever in Denver!

picture was from our first trip to Denver (not during COVID)

2. Commons Park

Address: 2101 15th St
Denver, CO 80202
United States

Over looking the South Platte River is a park that has beautiful grass hills, ways to get down up close to the river and put your hand in the water. You could even do some fun workouts, (there were tons of folks running) walk your dog, have a picnic with the kiddos and just get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air on the bridge water view. Great spot to enjoy the scenery all while being walking distance from Union station.

3. Murals all around Denver

Address: Walnut & 27th Street (b&w)

Address: 2705 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204 (colorful street)

This trip I had to check out some beautiful murals! Denver has some all around the city. So many great artists and beautiful walls to choose from. On this trip I choose a couple of murals to get some shots in for some content I needed. Both were beautiful just to admire and they were all easy to get too! Check out this Black and White mural and The pastel colorful street! There was absolutely no one at either location. So it was fun to shoot and not be bothered. Check these out for a photo opp on your next trip!

4. Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

Address: 1525 Blake St
Denver, CO 80202
United States

The Hubby and I really wanted to try a new restaurant outside that had some outdoor shade and that was kid friendly. This little spot was giving me all the New Orleans vibes. That feeling of being between buildings and having a great patio with a few fountains in the center. Any place that has string lights up outside is always a good little sign. It was really nice to enjoy a frozen or on the rocks Margarita out there. Even in the summer weather in Denver. Highly recommend for some good Mexican food BUT not comparable to Mexican food back home in San Antonio. If your from TEXAS you know what I mean. Try this place if you like the ambiance of dining outdoors downtown!

5. Red Rock Amphitheatre

Address: 18300 W Alameda Pkwy
Morrison, CO 80465
United States

Saved the best for LAST! This has been on my list even the first time we went to Denver. But just we’re able to go last time. This time around I made SURE we took a trip to this beautiful area. We did stay in a Marriot Hotel in Lakewood which is about 10-12 mins from downtown. But the distance to Red Rock was only 17-18 mins from our hotel. We made a trip before we needed to head back for dinner + sleepy time and off we went! We looked at all the beautiful views, took some AMAZING PHOTOS, saw a lot of people using the trails and the amphitheater stairs for working out. It was very cool to see how everyone loved the views and just getting outdoors. Truly a magical place that will have us coming back to see it again when it has snow on top! A TOP MUST SEE recommendation I give you for when you decide to visit. Put this on your list and don’t forget. You can’t go wrong at any time of the year here. Just go and thank me later!

That concludes our quick trip around Denver!! There is so much more to do. These were just the few we were able to get to during this trip. Now that you have some ideas in mind it’ll be much easier to travel. Make sure to check back to this post for some great visits. Thank you for exploring Denver with us!

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