Favorite Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup

Well this has taken me a bit! I had to really narrow down my absolute favorites for y’all and even forgot some. Had to add those. But honestly, it really came down to what I grab the most and when I’m not using my high-end makeup what can I grab instead. Having these as a alternative second or sometimes first saves you money rather than constantly grabbing your high end makeup. Especially days where you’ll just be around the house (THANKS COVID). Further more let’s dive in and I’ll be sharing with you why I love each drugstore product and the price point that makes them come in clutch.

Doing your makeup is always fun! But you don’t need high-end products to achieve a certain makeup look. Drugstore makeup can be just as good and if you really find something that works for you as an alternative, snag it! High-end is more lasting in my opinion but definitely at a higher price. It’s up to you on what you prefer on those date nights with your boo or hanging with the girls for brunch. Whatever makes YOU feel good. I personally use what I love BEST and whatever the day calls for. On days that I’m in my pjs or in loungewear all day. I’m not gonna be grabbing my $30 bronzer if I have a $5 bronzer? It’s just more practical and saves your high-end products longevity. I hope this post gives you a little more of a reason to grab these drugstore options. I know I’ve been loving them but hoping you’ll love them too.


First up is a highlighter in the color apricot glow by elf cosmetics. I’ve been using this product for about 3-4 years now and I can’t rave about this MORE! When I stumbled upon this way back when. I thought the color was absolutely beautiful. It’s such a lovely glowly shade. Color is Apricot Glow and they do have two more in this baked highlight version. I apply it on my cheek bones and nose and maybe under the brows every now and then. A few tips I found out while using this product. Is that to really get the pigment off the highlighter. It helps to chip at top layer of the product and it’ll stick to your finger, beauty blender or fan brush (which I use) much better. Once you take off that layer the baked highlighter color really comes off and you can easily pick up as much product as your heart desires. It truly is a gorgeous color I’m always using it. Even over my high-end. Absolutely pick this one up the next time you’re at Target, Walmart, Ulta or local drugstore (most have this). Price is $4.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


When I first heard about this putty primer I wanted to try it ASAP. Tatcha came out with their own putty primer before elf did. Which I already had purchased and was using. So I wanted to compare due to the price tag. I really wanted to find an alternative. Low and behold. Everyone was loving this primer and for a good reason! It’s absolutely worth all the hype. It’s an excellent primer to make your makeup last all day! I fell in love with this texture, the price point and just the over all packaging of this! It also comes in different facial focuses like matte or illuminating. I haven’t tried the others but from what I’ve gathered this one beats them all. Grab this little putty at target, Walmart, Ulta or local drugstore. Price is $7.99 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Here’s a brand that I love too! Physicians Formula came out with their butter bronzer, highlighter, blush etc and they have been AMAZING! They smell so good. Just like coconuts I promise. The texture of this bronzer is definitely smooth and applies like a soft powder butter feel. A little goes a long way with this giving you a nice buildable glow. I constantly grab this if I’m just doing my makeup for the day or gonna run an errand or two. Lasts me pretty much all day, even in this Texas heat and that’s saying something! Definitely worth every penny if you we’re hesitant at all about this butter bronzer. Grab these at target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore. Price is $7.99 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Okay let’s talk alternative brows! I usually go for the Anastasia Brow Pomade. But I wanted to try an alternative if I was ever in a pickle. Which I was and the only local drugstore was all I could get too quickly. So I needed stuff brows. I went for it and grabbed this at my local H-E-B which also came with a brow tool to use. I’ve been using this for about a 2 months now and I love it. It stays put, it’ll last you through the day and it matches great. With all that being said. I will be using my pomade one like I have been for our special occasions or when I just want to use it honestly but it’s great to have an alternative back up for a lesser price. Can’t beat it! Found at target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore store. Price $6.59 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Another Milani find! Stumbled upon this beauty at my local Walmart one day. It had caught my eye due to the lovely rose compression on this blush. I’ve previously tried their other famous blush their know for and I said what the heck. Ever since I’ve been using this blush it hasn’t lost the rose shape! It really gives off a great amount of pigment to my cheeks and with just a couple of dabs to a blush brush. Since it’s so pretty I usually take this blush with me or use it in my daily routine. A constant grab for me even on those special occasions or just wanna trying something else look 🤩Reccomendimg you pick up your shade very soon! Available at target, Walmart, Ulta or local drugstore! Price $6.99 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Telling you about this liquid lip from wet n wild cause it’s a been a goodie for sometime now. Truth be told I’ve been re buying it for years now. If you’re looking for a drugstore liquid lipstick this a good one to pick out. It also has cute packing and perfect to throw in your crossbody or handbag this fall. It does have a lovely matte finish and stays on quite well throughout the day. Good creamy application and stay put feel. A great long lasting lippie to grab next time you’re at the drugstore. Shade I’ve been re buying is this Rebel Rose Lippie. Other colors available. Find it at Target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore. Price $4.99 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


YOU GUYS! Big letters cause this is a HOLY GRAIL! This is the best finishing powder. It has been a FAVORITE of mine for years. I use this ALOT. As you can see… I use the banana shade and it’s the best shade I’ve ever found that is truly a banana shade while also being a setting powder. It’s phenomenal. it covers so well, stays on and is mineral based. I always have to have this in my makeup bag. Always just incase. Really always. 10/10 for me. Can’t recommend this enough. I use it under eyes and anything I really want to set and brighten. I love this stuff. Comes in translucent and a green color that I know nothing about. Cause this BANANA color here is the bees knees! Worth every penny. Purchase at Target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore. Price $10.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Can we tell by now that I love NYX products? Lol Here’s another one. This photo finishing primer in my opinion is a great comparison for the smashbox primer. I feels and looks just the same and it pretty much does the same thing. Has a light feel to your face and doesn’t feel cakey throughout the day. Also a favorite I’ve been using for YEARS. Moisturize, prime face and start your normal makeup routine. Such a good buy if your looking for a good drugstore primer. Purchase at your nearest Target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore. Price $13.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


This was a recent Walmart pick up. I’ve found a couple wet n wild products to do well. So I grabbed this one and immediately fell in love with the color I chose. Sunset strip tease is the perfect shade of bronzed glow with not much orange in it. But just enough. It is pure tan perfection. I constantly grab this for the shade it gives me. Only 3 shades to choose from. Great little bronzer to have on hand. Shop it at target, Walmart, Ulta or your local drugstore. Best SCORE is the Price $3.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Can’t get enough of the butters! This butter highlight in the color champagne is a beauty. It has such a lovely rich pigment and sets very pretty after a competed look. I take this with me if I ever travel (why my poor guy is so scruffy). It’s a great highlight to go with almost any makeup look. Subtle but still very noticeable. Pick one up at your Target, Walmart, Ulta, or local drugstore. Price $11.49 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


I’ve been taking this little bite sized shadow with me on the road for the last 2 months and I’ve already hit pan on one and the other I cracked while traveling. That being said. Best little $3.00 I’ve spent. It’s so cute being bite sized and being the perfect little all I one eye look palette. I’d recommend getting these as gifts for your girlfriends, Christmas stockings or for on the go. They are a hit. FYI my palette has been through it lol but it was cuter 😂 Find more shades and others in your nearest Target, Walmart, Ulta or local drugstore. Price $3.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE


Holy Grail lip combo! I always have to have this set on hand. If I run out I get more. It truly has always been my drugstore go to lippie. It’s long lasting, super smooth and it has a creamy formula. In love with this shade bedtime flirt. Falling under a always purchase when I run out categories. Also combing this lip shade with the liner in Nude Suede Shoes. They go together like peas and carrots 🥕 Seriously. Pick out a color when ever your browsing and you won’t regret your purchase. Thank me later. Check it out at your closest Target, Walmart, Ulta or local drugstore. Price $7.00 | SHOP ONLINE HERE

Well y’all that concludes my favorite cruelty free drugstore makeup! Truly narrowed them down to these and I couldn’t be happier to finally share these with you all. Testing out drugstore makeupbeauty takes time. Same with high end. Whether you’re creating an everyday look, trying to find alternatives or just trying new products that work. It takes time to know if you want to keep using them and even rebuying. If you’ve fallen in love with a product or just wasted your money ya know??? Not fun. I hope this helps you in any way see that there are alternatives to try that are worth your time and energy. Keep in mind all products today are all cruelty free! Save the animals. Every little bit of attention helps. Thank you for taking the time to read and hear my thoughts on today’s post! Talk to y’all next time. Comment below your favorite drugstore makeup! 👇🏼 I’d love to hear them.

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