Traveling w/ Baby By Airplane Tips | Pandemic Edition|

Since we’ve been traveling with a baby by car and plane. I thought I would share what we’ve learned as new parents during this difficult time. From our mini road trips to visit my husband in Dallas, our past trip to Georgia and quick trip to Colorado this summer. I couldn’t not share our experiences and tips that we thought were ACTUALLY helpful. Especially the ones that created less stress for us.

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet but still give you the full low down. For all my parents you’re doing a great job and I hope this post just gives you some tips to feel at ease. Here we go!


What you ACTUALLY NEED when you fly with baby! Stuff we learned and what’s free when you travel.

  • MASKS (& bring a couple extra)
  • Pack n play
  • Stroller
  • Car seat & Base
  • Diaper bag/Tote
  • Pouch baby food (you can take fresh stuff, like apples, bananas, oranges)
  • Baby snacks (we like these)
  • Snacks for parents (don’t forget to eat)
  • Some easy toys you won’t loose
  • Antibacterial wipes + spray
  • Baby blanket
  • Extra outfit (always)
  • baby to go monitor (bought this one to have as an extra)
  • Don’t forget baby needs his/her own ticket!

Mostly ALL airlines will accept your pack n play and your car seat + base as FREE checked bags. They do kindly tag everything and wrap for you (they wrap the car seat). It definitely put these two parents at ease not having to pay $30-50 per checked bag. Those are the two most important must brings since there usually isn’t an ideal crib when you go somewhere outside of your home and the car seat YOU HAVE TO HAVE cause I mean you will be getting in a vehicle anywhere baby goes and it’s safe + the law.


For our first airplane trip with baby we did NOT bring a large stroller. I didn’t know much the first time. I was just honestly happy our car seat and pack n play we’re flying free from what I gathered online. So I opted out on bringing my fancy stroller and decided to bring a very small roll around in one. Plus for our trip to Georgia, baby and I had to drive there with family and then had fly back home to Texas with daddy. Less stuff to take on the plane the better. I didn’t want to check any bag or any item I didn’t need too. Back to the stroller. So I ended up having my mother in law take it home (they drove back). What I found out on our trip to Denver, since I couldn’t carry baby around town I NEEDED to bring stroller this time. What I found out was that they take the stroller from you before you get on the plane (they do tag it) and give it right back to you when the plane lands. As soon as you get off the plane your stroller will be waiting there. FREE OF CHARGE! Super thankful for that. Totally regretted my decision on not taking my good stroller the previous time. Lesson learned but hey, it was my second time flying with all this baby stuff.


We made the mistake of not getting the baby his own ticket. It was just a ticket of identification of who he’s with mainly. Gary had baby while I checked bags and they didn’t see him with me so they didn’t think to give me one and I didn’t know you needed that. Plus I did just check a car seat and pack and play? I just assumed he’d be in my lap or hubby’s lap. But the lady at the TSA let us by without it. But we learned and made sure to have it for next time. It’s usually for custody purposes. She did have to see both ids and we were off to get screened. THEY DO CHECK ALL BABY FOOD. In a pouch or in a jar. You MUST have it in a separate little bin like you would your tablet or phones. Just a heads up. Cause it was very annoying having to get it all out from being organized in my baby bag 🙈


Now to your carry on. I took a large tote with us with everything from snacks to all the must grabs ready and available. If it fits under the seat you’re golden. Mine was rather large… and I made it fit lol Flight attendances were honestly more concerned with other things. We sat in a row by ourselves both times. So we had the middle seat for the baby to go back and forth. If need be I could have used his under the seat space as well.


As soon as your flight is done they don’t let everyone just rush out where ever isle they come from. Waiting for your row was better I thought. Instead of just the folks that are in a rush and are always trying to get ahead. Now as soon as you get off the plane you’ll see you stroller. Grab your stroller put baby in and go to baggage claim. Get used to baggage claim with baby you’ll be having to check things till he or she is old enough to not need some items. We actually couldn’t find our car seat when we did this the first time. It wasn’t on the spinnerso we had to ask someone and they lead us to it. It was nice and wrapped in plastic. Then we were off to go find the truck and head home.

Our flight home from Georgia they did give us snacks and drinks. But our Denver trip did only drinks. With all of COVID going on some airlines do it differently. Overall now that we’ve done this twice we have learned what we can or can’t do and what works our easiest. We have a Denver trip again in October. Kinda tagging along with daddy again while he works. I’m excited for the change of weather. Stay tuned to that trip! Gonna try and see some new places while we’re there. If they have snow anywhere will go there🤪

All in all you know what is best for your baby and what you need as parents to help you get you through these travel experiences. Stay safe during these crazy times and good luck on whatever trip you’re making to stay sane this year.

Thanks for stopping by!

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