5 Basics I Keep In My Closet

Hello babes! Since we’re now in the new year. I wanted to get back to the basics. I organized this pasted weekend and really took a look at my closet. I went through what basics I had and what I didn’t have. First and foremost you don’t have to buy all the trends, all the latest fashion pieces to look and feel good! Having your basics down will help you spend less this year and remember what you can style up or down, together and quite a bit though the seasons. Then when you actually do (or need) decided to buy something it’ll be something you add into your closet that you’ll get use out of styling it with your BASICS you already have. SOUNDS AMAZING RIGHT?!



By far this is one of my favorite pieces to style. So many graphic tees so many options, good prices! You name it. They can have whatever animal, saying, dad joke there are so many good ones. They can be styled with a blazer. A mini skirt and some boots or heels! Causally worn with some denim jeans and sneakers. My absolute favorite way to wear one though (super basic too) is with some denim shorts and sneakers. Great for running errands. Never met a graphic tee I didn’t like. You can really find some cute tees that are made pretty well + very affordable at Nordstrom and urban outfitters is my fave! Target also has been rolling out their graphics and they couldn’t be any cuter! I do like my graphic tees somewhat oversized. I live in Texas so more breathing room the better! If I could have all the cute graphic tees I would. A MUST HAVE in your closet 👏🏼 Thank me later!


I know we’re not going any where as much this year already but it doesn’t hurt to be ready to go when your girlfriend calls ya up for brunch, right?! Having nude heels (not super tall ones btw) can go with a lot! Black does too but nude goes with a bit more. I love the block heel ones with a strap. They are fabulous with a denim jeans (black denim too) cute pairing with white dress in the spring + summer and still good to take into fall. Only suggestion to not wear them with is something silver toned. That’s when you should grab your black heels. Hope you already have these in your closet! If you don’t, below our my favorite ones.


Girls, I tell you what. I own so many bodysuits in so many colors. But I’m always grabbing my black and white ones (sometimes grey) the MOST. They always pair perfectly with a causal look. But what I love about them most is that they can be dressed up and you can’t even tell your wearing a basic. Another fun part is there is so many ways to style a black or white bodysuit. I love a good denim skirt outfit, denim jeans + black bodysuit or the option with a spring skirt. Adding them into the winter with more layers work too! Black or white and grey are good options to have in your closet.


Every girls closet has this right? The only thing different may be.. is that a lot of us have different color denim options. There’s light denim, medium denim, dark denim and black denim. I pretty much have them all (more options the better lol) Of course different colors go with different seasons. Light washed ones go with the spring and summer seasons. Darker denims are more for fall and winter. All year round you can style them. Favorite options are with some heels, sneakers, booties, otk boots and mules. The options are endless though 👏🏼 My favorite retailers I love to buy denim from are AE, Abercrombie and Fitch, Walmart (found two pair last year under $20) and sometimes I’ll find some from target. Linked these Walmart ones below!

5. LBD

Every girl needs a little black dress in their closet. Some dresses are more casual than others. But a good causal one can go along way! From sneakers, heels, mules, booties, sandals and wedges. Flannel over the waist is a favorite way to style one during the fall. Places I love to shop for a good LBD is Oldnavy, target, sometimes Walmart, forever21, pink lily, ASOS, Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack. If you don’t have a comfy LBD you better get you one girl🖤

There you have it, my 5 Must Have Basics. Gonna be basic and go run some errands in said basics. What’s your favorite basic?? Let me know in the comments 👇🏼

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so much for being here and using my links xo

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