Cruelty Free Series | Whish Lip Scrub Review

New year same series! I hope y’all remember cruelty free Wednesday‘s. I started this mini series last summer in 2020. Now I’m bringing it back for 2021 with new things I’ve been using and products interested to see if I like them.

Today’s product I actually had gotten for Christmas. Ive been loving it so far over the passed three weeks. I have to say this is not my first time trying out a lip scrub. One of my first ones I tried was from an Ipsy subscription. I loved it and really liked the benefits of lip scrubs since. Lip scrubs are the same as any scrub but for your lips. Exfoliating your entire body, face, hair and lips included are now very essential as we get older. Removing the dead skin cells normally with body, face, shampoo wash isn’t enough to get to that epidermis layer fully off. My recommendation is maybe to try incorporating scrubs to once a week with a gentle salt or sugar scrub. Taking off that dead skin layer helps your lotions, moisturizers and balms to really penetrate your epidermis and dermis layers of your skin. Helping your skin get the hydration it needs.

If you are a little skeptic about trying a lip scrub or a scrub in general try a DIY one at home. You probably have all products already in your pantry.


  • Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar
  • Massage mixture onto lips for minute or two
  • Remove with a damp wash cloth and remove any traces of sugar
  • Put in a jar for later in fridge or add some into more jars and give to friends as a treat to try themselves. ENJOY!

Today’s cruelty free Wednesday share is a product by whish. They are a a company behind their products using naturally sourced organic ingredients, sulfate free, paraben free, petrochemical free, phthalate free, cruelty free, DEA and TEA tree. Made in the USA. You can shop them here or find them on amazon, or qvc shopping network.

For me personally I loved this lip scrub cause of the sweet applicator. It makes it super easy when applying and and doesn’t get anything messy. Most come in jars and with a stick. Really enjoyed the applicator it was like applying a gloss or lip for the day.

On instagram stories I shared how I like to use it before I apply my favorite lip combo. Combo is Cruelty free too! You can follow along here or the CFW highlight I made in case you miss it. IG page here

Hope you liked this weeks cruelty free share! See you next week xoxo

I’d love to ask y’all for your input on which product or brand I should try next. It would help me navigate these Wednesday’s to what y’all REALLY are hoping to see price wise and products to switch too. Comment below

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks so much for being here and using my links if you decide too XOXO

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