The Perfect Leopard Pajamas

Due to my continued obsession with leopard. I hate to create a post dedicated to these beauties I found. They are extremely soft and comfortable. But most importantly they are so affordable. I first grabbed the short set over the fall and then I snagged the long pajamas to match this winter.

They are by the stars above brand in target. All year of 2020 they have been releasing some affordable and great quality items. I’ve been very impressed. Today I thought I’d share a post about these pajamas so you know sizing and lengths. These go in and out of stock all the time. So please check back often to snag them!


Let’s talk sizing! I decided to grab a Medium in the collared and short set. Then for the pajama pants I ordered a medium as well. I’m a petite 5’2 and I don’t like pajamas or clothing for that matter very tight. I do appreciate some breathing room. I like to go to sleep with a cool/room and these pajamas still keep me cozy. When I started to get colder temps I switched to the pajama pants.


I purchased the short sleeve notch collar top and pajama bottom set. Then I grabbed pajama pant bottom. Other styles available and shown below are the long sleeve notch collar pajama pant set. Bottom options can be purchased separately.

Other color options include a black set and navy set. Make sure you don’t miss an airport outfit coming next week. Colorado bound next Monday. Talk soon!

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