5 Cruelty Free Dry Shampoo Brands

Welcome back to Cruelty Free Wednesday! Make sure you check out my IG stories to see me share what brand I’m using and styling my hair with today.

You don’t know how many times dry shampoo has helped this mama out. Even before baby. Dry shampoo has been a hair care item I always have at home. Now that I’m a mama, I’m now having to choose my time wisely. Do I want to do my hair FULLY, wash, dry and style? Usually the answer is no lol Due to at home circumstances and really not having to go places. I’ve been reaching for my dry shampoo more and more. So today I’m sharing with you a brand I’ve been constantly picking up and rebuying the past year. Plus four more brands to pick up if you ever feel like trying something new 🐰

DOVE dry shampoo was introduced to me in my babylist welcome box. It was a full size of the volume care wash. At the time Dove was making some changes. Those changes today have landed them on being one of the cruelty free brands I recommend. They are affordable, easy to go pick up at your ocal store and their products do the trick. Just recently picked up my mom one in their new brunette dry shampoo and bought myself the detox and purify to give a try.

They also just started adding their bunny approved symbol on their new products, stating they are entirely cruelty free now. Love that they made the transition.

You can easy shop them at Walmart, H‑E‑B, Kroger, Target and more local stores near you. Price point $4.48

NOT YOUR MOTHERs CLEAN FREAK dry shampoos are a brand I’ve looked over constantly. Did I see them yes. But I had no idea they were such a good choice. They are also vegan. Their shampoo and conditioner new line is not. Buyer be aware of that choice. I’d love to give them a try. Another affordable local pick up if you ever wanna try them out.

Find them at Walmart, H‑E‑B, Kroger, Ulta or local stores near you!

AMIKA you’ve probably seen around with their cute bright packaging. I personally have only tried their mini size once in like 2018. They are cruelty free made with clean and vegan ingredients (but not all items).. Still a good brand to know when you come across and making it a cruelty free option for you.

Pick up at your nearest Walmart or Sephora!

HASK is a budget brand that is cruelty free + vegan (but not all products are). They have a variety of hair care items and the prices are budget friendly!

Pick up a couple items to try at your local Walmart, Target or bed bath and beyond.

DRYBAR is famous for being a 100% cruelty free + vegan. Leaping bunny and free bunnies approved. They truly are a great brand, do they cost a little bit than a good ole budget friendly?! Yes, but they’re a prestige brand that takes pride in their products and especially thinking about the consumers values. Every once in awhile I’ll snag one at Sephora or a mini for when I travel.

Order yours today or pick one up at your nearest Sephora or Ulta. Or any DRYBAR locations!

Hope this post helped you to understand by choosing cruelty free together, we can help put an end to animal testing for beauty, hair and skin cosmetics once and for all! 🐰

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