9 Toddler Books For Valentine’s Day ♥️

I have my little love getting excited for Valentine’s Day. We changed up a couple of books and added some red books we had to go with the theme come February. We usually try to do this every little holiday. Didn’t get a chance to do it for Christmas. We HAVE so many books. Fun fact: I used to love reading in school and was in the library all the time. So maybe that’s where Gary James gets his love for them too. I’m thinking next book change up is Gary James’s Fishing books and blue theme. Stay tuned for that in a few months. Sharing some really fun boy, fishing and Texas books!

We love Elmo books, flap books, board books (which are especially genius) and personalized ones like the one top left dada got us for Christmas. Most recent addition was this Elmo Loves you book and Gary James Loves it. We’ve been reading it most nights.

All heart decor can be found at Walmart! Pack of 24 + diff colored hearts for 98cents!

Wishing you all the love this coming Valentine’s Day! Enjoy a book or two if ya can ♥️

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