6 Budget Friendly Tips To Help When Moving

The moment you realize you are moving, it’s only a matter of time before one of the first thoughts you think of will be not the excitement of your move but how much it will cost you to do so. There are several ways to keep your spirits up during this limbo period as well so take advantage of some of the following tips to help you save money while also looking forward to the big day.

  1. Look For A Quality But Affordable Moving Company: One of the biggest things you can do for yourself is to hire a moving company that is not only reputable but also affordable within your budget. You’ll want to look at a few moving quotes before making a final decision but once you do, you’ll need to make sure you are getting a request in-house visual estimate for a precise calculation of your final moving costs. Pay attention to any additional services offered by your movers such as transportation for your car, unpacking, packing, and packing materials. Confirm their availability of the moving companies as some of them may not be available on the date you wish to move. If you live in Texas, one affordable and quality company is called Gameday Moving Services Houston. They are a trusted company for residential and homeowners alike with trained professionals who are there to help move bulky couches, bedroom furniture, pool tables. This Houston TX long-distance moving company is there to help lessen the stress you might have when you purchase your large items and provide you peace of mind that your new items will arrive safely and in the same condition you purchased when you move. While it might seem costly, budgeting for a moving company could end up saving you more than you think!
  2. Book Your Move As Early As You Can: The moment you decide on a mover, be sure to book them as quickly as you can. You never know that another residential homeowner might do the same thing and take your spot. Remember that the ‘earlier the better’ strategy can prove beneficial for you and that no moving job can be reserved too early, especially during the peak time of moving which is in the spring or fall.
  3. Ask Movers To Meet You Halfway: If you like a company but their offers might be too steep for you, ask to see if they can cut you a deal somewhere. Don’t forget to ask about any discounts, special coupons or ongoing promotions they are offering that can bring the overall cost down. Some movers can make specific compromises to secure a moving job depending on if it’s the right fit.
  4. Look For Free Packing Materials: Packing materials can add up quickly when you take into consideration all the items you need to move. Ask friends, coworkers, or anyone else to help you if they have any spare boxes that are in good condition, packing paper or bubble wrap. The people who have experienced a move will know exactly what you are going through and probably be more than happy to help you out if they can. Also be sure to check any bookstores, supermarkets, or office supply stores to see if they can pass on any well-preserved moving containers for free. IF there is a recycling center you can always check there as well.
  5. Be Smart When Scheduling Your Move: When it’s the height of the moving season, you shouldn’t have any doubts about getting the date you are needing. However, 65% of moves happen between May and September so be sure to do what you can if planning during that time. The summer alone is a season where the demand is pretty high. Any excuse to be flexible in your move is helpful. Ideally, aim for a weekday in the middle of a month anywhere between September to May if you can.
  6. Pack What You Can: The most expensive option to move is to go for a full-service move that includes quick and safe packing. However, if you want to pack some of it yourself with the help of reliable friends, this is also a tip to help you save money. Consider packing smaller and easier stuff on your own and leaving the bulkier heavier items for the professionals.

Remember at the end of the day, all of your items should be able to go from your home to your next one. Do your best to take time to get it done, breathe through it and give yourself grace. Above all, ask for your help and spend money where you see fit.

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