Gingham with the Family

Excited to just be able to get matchy matchy with these two. We took pictures before we went on our way day before Easter. Highly recommend snapping photos before you leave the house. You’ve got on a fresh face, hair, clothes. Everyone is still clean to take them. Gotta think ahead with a toddler, especially.

I really wanted to inspire you guys to wear some gingham with the fam this spring. It’s easy and a lot of us already have something to recreate this your way. You can’t tell but Big Gary is wearing a DARK navy gingham. But it looked black I couldn’t tell at first if it was me. But still it ended up working. Another fun idea, was for Easter. The boys just wore gingham but different colors. Another cute way would be all diff pastel colors or just different colors in general.

Mama found her dress first and then grabbed a $7 top for the little and daddy already had his gingham. So this whole look was $28 total. HAPPY SPRING. Stay tuned for some mama and boy matching outfits coming soon! XO

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