Affordable Cruelty Free Self Tanners

Hello Spring & Summer tan! I don’t know about you but I self tan before we head to the beach. I like to get a couple shots in before heading to the dock and getting scorched by the suns harmful Uv rays. Self tanners are a great alternative to get that beach glow without the harm.

Over the years I’ve been on the search for a non generic, non smelly and of course cruelty free self tanner. I’ve stumbled upon some really good ones and now have been trying to find some affordable options, that I can maintain. That way I don’t break the bank trying to achieve a good tan at home. Today I am sharing what self tanners I am currently loving and using. One is a spray and the other is a tanning drop self tanner, that you add to your favorite moisturizer.


• Tanologist Tanning Drops | face + body is under $15 and can be found at your nearest target run. Saves me so much time if I need to tan before photos or events I have coming up. Using these drops : add 10-12 drops to your favorite body moisturizer and apply with hands. Wash hands when finished.

I do love the pretty color of this one and also that it’s for face + body. It does give me a good dark tan which I love. A much darker shade than the other one I will talk about. It doesn’t really have much of a scent but it’s super affordable and convenient + good for on the go, so small! Also available in a self tanner mousse and tanning water. Shop this one HERE

• Isle of paradise tanning water | I absolutely love this self tanner water it is a bit more in price under $30 but oh so good. I have this in the medium color and I’m glad I don’t have the deep color. I get dark already and I just mainly want a natural glow. For me this works. It works fast and drys so fast. Smells really good and lasts a good while.

This brand also has the tanning drops and now mousse. But I’ll keep sticking with the water. The drops are a little more and the mousse is too. Can’t recommend the water enough. Shop this one HERE

Lastly, sharing a few more affordable self tanner brands. One I’ve tried and a couple more that I’d love to test.

• Tanceuticals | under $30 smells so GOOD y’all. I’ve used this one and love love it! Comes in a lotion form & mousse. Shop HERE

• Bali Body | a self tanner I would love to try! I’ve heard great things. Comes in a mousse, self tanning water and gradual self tanner lotion. all usually under $30. Shop HERE

• Sol Self tanner by Dr. Jergens (this one is cruelty free) this is a new product that was just released and love that it’s pink. It’s super affordable under $18. They are drops so they do need a moisturizer to add them too. Also available in mousse! (This I’ll prob pick up next) Shop HERE

Every single self tanner brand I’ve shared today is Cruelty Free! Thank you for Klingon me on another week of Cruelty Free Edition. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments! 💋

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