5 Instagram Trendy Spots to visit in Austin, Tx

Hey sweet girls! So happy to share this post with y’all. Austin happens to be one of my favorite cities to visit and is so close to us. It’s so busy with active people and full of trendy fun spots and things to do. If you haven’t been here yet, this is your sign to visit and have coffee, brunch, lunch, or dinner with some girlfriends and enjoy!

I’ve been to Austin twice this month and the most recent was for a day trip to celebrate a friends birthday. You know we had to visit some of the trendy spots in town and they did not disappoint. Everything was pretty close and parking/walking was not bad at all and easy to figure out or get to.

Let’s the fun begin. I’ll be giving y’all photos of each, location and what we ordered personally.


Revival Coffee

Probably the pinkest Coffee spots you’ll ever see! This spot was pure perfection. The trim is pink, EVERYTHING is pink. I was obsessed. Both bathrooms have adorable wall paper. Plenty of outdoor covered and shaded seating. Tons of girls and guys working from their laptop having coffee, taking calls, having tiny meetings. It was all just SO adorable. Get that photo opp girl 👌🏼

I had a coconut iced mocha & oh my gosh it was so yum. I finished it ALL. My girlfriends got the horchata iced. I didn’t like that particular one. But they enjoyed it. Same prices as Starbucks really. Not too bad.

Parking in the front is slim, but there is plenty of parking in the back. A few other places near by to check out like the Easy Tiger 🐯 you’ll love this little area. & the cute nail shop is a few streets away! Make it a day with the girls you’ll LOVE! Second favorite spot. Located : 1405 E 7th St
Austin, TX 78702
United States

Cute Nail Studio

The prettiest rainbow nail shop you ever did see. We didn’t stop to get our nails done but for a much needed photo opp. if you get your nails done, totally a bonus!

Pretty much the whole building is decked in full rainbow mode. Making it the perfect blogger photo opp for spring and summer. Surrounded by tons of other cool hot spots including a pink coffee spot I just shared above. Located : 1211 E 7th St
Austin, TX 78702
United States

Voodoo Doughnut

One of my favorite pit stops when I’m on 6th street. It’s pink but the doughnuts are always so GOOD! If you haven’t tried them before you need too.

It’s very hard to choose one, but I think that’s the fun of it all. Try choosing a flavor you’ll likely love. I’m also recommending getting just one unless your getting more for co workers or friends. They are huge and filling (obviously not the healthiest either) But it is a treat. Enjoy if you’re ever on 6th💕Located : 212 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701
United States

Taqueria Mucho

One of my favorite spots to visit! They’re so on trend and everything in there is a girls DREAM. Be ready to take tons of photos yall. I would totally suggest to go during the week if you can. It’s less packed and the weekends the line sometimes is just way too much. Plus the heat is about to turn up in Texas. You’ve been warned, but is it worth the wait yes.

The drinks are a little much but they are good, plus they make some without alcohol for you and charge less without it. Incase you would like to try something non alcoholic.

Seating outside is a all shaded near the telephone booth. Every single area where they will seat you or request will have something to take a pic by. Outside and inside is decked out. You won’t be disappointed. But choose wisely on a specific location when they ask where you wanna sit. Believe me this trendy spot is a sweet Austin gem! Take a girls day and enjoy. Located : 508 West Ave
Austin, TX 78701
United States


After coffee with the gals. This spot was so refreshing to have some lunch. Makes a great place for dinner too and the vibe was very nice. Us girls could have talked for hours. We had the melon slush beverage and it was delish! We had a few apps which were all bomb and just perfectly spread.

If you get a chance, the anthropology mirror (the big one) is next to two tables. Get a selfie haha we didn’t get the chance cause they dimmer lights for early dinner time. But a few girl squads did. We sat inside but outside was lovely just as much as the inside. Adored it all and recommended you pop in. Service was great and prices were in the middle. Located : 1011 S Congress Ave
Unit 180
Austin, TX 78704
United States

Take a trip with the girls to Austin, whether for a day trip or overnight. These spots and Austin in general will not disappoint you. Cheers dears!

For any outfit details. Follow me on the free LIKEtoKNOW.it shopping app : deannxchristensen 💖 & follow me on IG here it gives us girls who love to share where we got things a tiny commission for directing you to brands or places we shop. Creating these fun outfits. Xoxo DeAnn

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