Fredericksburg, Tx | Wine Tasting + perfect day w/girlfriends

The weekends go by too fast don’t they?! This weekend some girlfriends and I were able to get together and head out to Fredericksburg, Tx for a wine tasting.

We decided on visiting Signor Vineyards which was rated really high and being super Instagramable and they were a membership, non membership and accepted walk ins. The entire vineyard is BEAUTIFUL. Not an exaggeration. (See Photos) We we’re able to not have a reservation and we’re on a first come first bases and at a busy time around lunch time. But they accepted walk ins if they had the room and their members were taking care of.

But honestly there is plenty of room on the grounds. They had so many areas to do tastings, areas for the live band with a bar area, outdoor/indoor restrooms, Joanna’s Market and water stations. The perfect vineyard for everyone to be extremely comfortable to explore and enjoy the grounds.

We went for a wine tasting which serves 4 different wines to you at an affordable price and we grabbed a couple of charcuterie boards to enjoy for the tasting, which were delicious. At the end of your tasting you do have the option to order a wine of your choice or from what you liked from your tasting.

Afterwards we went exploring out by the live music and small bar area (totally Instagramable), then went into Joanna’s Market House, major photo inspo there and then down by the vineyards where you can see all the grapes and get a pic or it didn’t happen. LOL

Totally recommend this vineyard! The service was excellent and the entire vineyard didn’t disappoint. Absolutely stunning! Must go if you’re ever in Fredericksburg, Tx (aka wine country)

People from all over Texas come to visit Fredericksburg. Bachelorettes come to celebrate with their girls, families and friends come out and do multiple wine tastings for under $80 and visit 3-4. Plan your next trip in the fall & the weather will be even better!!!

Cheers darlings!!

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