End of Summer Refreshing Watermelon Margarita

All I could think of making this watermelon Margarita was that song by Harry styles. “Watermelon Sugar” but it turned out to be a great margarita!

We love a good lime Margarita over here. But wanted to spice it up with a summer fruit. While trying out our nectar girl drink mix in the spicy chili. We love supporting Texas brands and Nectar Girl didn’t disappoint with the flavor.

Here’s what you’ll need to grab!

  1. One personal sized watermelon or full size if you like.
  2. Tequila of your choice, we used Hornitos and we also love don julio! (Ps save the bottles for a fun Halloween diy!)
  3. Margarita mix : we are using Nectar Girl
  4. Ice (we love frozen!)
  5. Shot glass (measuring tequila)
  6. Blender of your choice
  7. Limes plenty of them
  8. Lime squeezer
  9. Knife to cut watermelon & limes
  10. Favorite margarita glasses
  11. Salt for the rims

Margarita Recipe

Frozen Margaritas are probably the easiest thing. But if It doesn’t come easy… here’s how you add in everything.

First fill your blender with ice, add in your tequila. How ever many shots you like. (Use a shot glass to know tequila measurements) add in your Nectar Girl Drink Mix about half way to blender. Now add in watermelon pieces. I like to add in some fresh squeezed lime juice & YUM! Start blending away. It should only take about 1 minute max to blend everything up really nice.

Once it’s blended enough start riming your glasses with a lime wedge and then dip them in the salt. It’ll give you the perfect salted rim!!

Pour your in Watermelon Margarita and enjoy with family and friends! + a quick tip : if you have around kids… they like to try everything too. Before or after doing the adult margs try making some without alcohol and make some virgins for those who can’t or don’t drink alcohol. It makes your guests feel included and you don’t gotta toddler trying to beg for a sip of something they can’t have.

SO REFRESHING for an end of summer drink. To grab or try Nectar Girl click here!

Cheers babes! Let me know if you try this refreshing margarita.

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