A little Halloween Reading | + our own collection

It’s no secret we LOVE to read. I love changing out Gary James’s book shelves to match whatever holiday we are celebrating. But our Love for Halloween is just BIGGER, along with Christmas too! Both my husband and little one have their birthdays in October which gives us even more to celebrate during spooky season. It’s one of our favorites.

Since our little guy was born we’ve been stocking up on books. Some I’ve found online, in store, gifts and some even I’ve found at thrift stores in EXCELLENT condition for like a $1! You’ll be amazed at what you find and I normally like going for books. But each holiday our collection seems to grow bigger and bigger. As he’s gotten older he picks his favorites but he could have us read 10 books a night for him if he could.

So in true Halloween Fashion, we thought we’d put you on our book collection so far and which ones are on our list 🧡

If you’re looking for the perfect shelves… our acrylic shelves match with everything and come in many sizes for your toddlers/baby room. These are the exact ones we have under $20 for 2! Also available in a 4 pack.


Encouraging reading is not only good for the little ones but good for the parents too! Reading helps increases vocabulary and comprehension, helps develop imagination, reduces stress, keeps your brain healthy, helps with memory improvement, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, improves focus and concentration, contributes to longer lives and helps with sleep readiness.

There’s always time to start reading at any age! Hope you love reading too. You can read to grandparents and even the pups too. Everyone can join in on reading time.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Happy reading! 🎃

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