Bar Cart Styling | Halloween Edition

Another Halloween season has arrived! I’ve actually always wanted a bar cart to style and this year was the year. Plus just in time for the big holidays. What I love most about styling bar carts is you can change them up and style them in so many ways. You can add books, decanters with candy and adding pumpkins are always a good idea! Some go orange, black or even pink as their theme. There are so many possibilities, so get creative and give your ideas a try.

This year I went with a mix of everything, with also coordinating my already put up home decor. & with a dash of pink from books I already owned. Still kept it simple with a few little additions to make it EXTRA. Everything linked is all very affordable and some things you might already have!

Bar carts are extra cute when your entertaining, especially with a holiday theme. More stylings coming as thanksgiving and Christmas will arrive soon! Can’t wait for those big holidays.

Here is how I styled my bar cart from IKEA, which is under $30. Plus I’m giving you a styling idea below incase you wanna grab a few things I have used. Time to get spooky y’all! CHEERS xo

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