Easter Decor ideas | + my spring dinning room

Hey yall! I just finished sharing my spring dinning room decor over on my Instagram. If you aren’t following me already, tap here to follow along for more spring coming your way! Thank you in advance for following me along.

With every big holiday/season I like to have the house decorated. When I decorate I just feel better honestly. Gives me reasons to celebrate the seasons.

Today I’ve shared some ideas that you can add to your additional decor or to get you started. Simple is best and while also staying affordable.

Beat places I LOVE to shop for Easter are… Hobby lobby, Target (dollar section for small items like these white bunnies) also they have really affordable salad and dinner plates, Walmart, homegoods, Michaels for the faux grass and amazon for anything I need in a hurry.

2 years before set up

Make sure to check back this month. I’ll be sharing some Dairy Free Easter treats!! xoxo

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