Baby boy + girl rompers for summer ☀️

Hello friends! Since it’s summer time here in Texas I thought I’d share some outfits I’ve been putting on Gary James to stay cool. The easiest thing you’ll ever put on a baby is a romper. I love them and there are some really cute ones. Check them out below!

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Gold Jewels from ShopLC

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Just got in these beautiful gold pieces of jewelry from shoplc and I couldn’t wait to share with y’all what I picked out. By far hands down some of the best vermeil gold jewelry I’ve worn to date. From this star ring, moon earrings & matching moon ring 🌙

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Gold jewelry is pretty even with how much I love silver jewelry as well. Over the years I’ve been adding more and more dainty gold gems to my accessories. These pieces I received I took with me to the beach recently and wore them with whatever outfit I could match. They held up very well in the heat, near the water and did NOT tarnish not one bit. I’m pleased to say I’ll be grabbing these quite a bit this summer. Follow me on Instagram to see more ways I’ll style these in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing these new beautiful pieces from @shoplctv

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WELCOME TO MY ROOM! (Gary James speaking) if he could. We are so Happy you’re here, we’ve been ready to share this space with you all!


STORY TIME: If you take a look, we have a HUGE piece of wall art. Totally nautical and mommy knows it! This was the one piece I had to work around. The story behind this work of art is Gary’s Parents (daddy’s parents) purchased this when they were married. This was the first HUGE purchase they made together. All cash too. No credit all theirs. Gary’s mom is not with us today but I’m sure she would have loved passing this along to her grandchild. Since then it’s been it was passed down to my Gary (he’s loved it forever) and now here it is passed down to Gary James. Daddy was insistent on this being in our baby room. I couldn’t fight him and we agreed lol So here it is in all its GLORY. Honestly we hadn’t had anywhere to put it for years anyway. But with a baby BOY! We found one. So that is the story behind the art work and the beginning of starting Gary James’s Baby Room.

My crib is a multi 3 way one!
Mama added the Gary James since we couldn’t do a huge name anywhere above my crib. On the crib was the next best thing. Bonus mommy can store so many items under my crib. It has a ton of storage when you pull out the bottom. We store extra wipes, diapers, cases and a TON OF BOOKS! 📚
Clear Book shelves really display those books! Adding in his First letter in his name here. Which was a good little idea to give him an idea to the reading area.
Baby Camera By Lollipop 🍭 available in lime green and pink too! WiFi baby monitor that has night vision, 2 way talk back, noise and crying detection, multi streaming mode (private or not) and audio mode. We love this camera and it’s perfect cause we can travel with it as well! Makes mommy and daddy feel at ease when I sleep.
Anchor Decor to set the tone
We use this space a lot! MIRROR was the perfect size. We refurbished a cool dresser & Knobs we added on. Lamp also available in other colors and is a pulley one. Cloud diaper changing cover is under $10 here.
Our little nursing space. Navy pillows to add some pops again!

a no brainer if you don’t want to add shelves or a whole closet full of rods. Storage bins and baskets.
We’ve been all about sharks 🦈 since mommy had a vision. Not to many anchors like you always see and sticking more to things that will stand out and this SHARK is one of them.
Little Bins Here
Storage Ottoman
Comes in handy to set down mommy’s morning coffee and when she needs to store things.

THANK YOU FOR TOURING MY ROOM! Party at 2am don’t be late! Bring milk 🥛 I’ve linked everything I could similar. You can also shop in the app for everything also! xo The Christensen’s



Our number one item is the BOBBY! We use it for nursing, sitting up still, tummy time and propping up when I need him somewhere for a few. Love and a MUST need during those first months of having baby at home. Even at the hospital I took it.

Second item up is the LOLLIPOP MONITOR + CAMERA. I can’t tell you how much we love this camera! Absolutely love it, it plays white noise sounds and classical music. It’s easy to take with you on the go. The app lets you know cross detection, when the baby is crying and if it’s too noisy. Not to mention it’s censoring when you enter the room. Other family members have access with your own private multi view to look in on baby and his or her activity and it’s own audio able to speak to baby while your away. It’s THE BEST! Also available in two more colors if you don’t need blue.

Three is the BUMBO! & try the add on tray.(for when baby starts eating more) We are currently also using this every single day. He is definitely trying to wiggle out of it every now and then. But it keeps them in one place for a bit. You’ll love it!

Number four is the play-mat we use everyday! Every 3 hrs honestly. He doesn’t like laying down much on it anymore but loves to sit and play + throw in some tummy time! The little piano folds out so baby can sit and play. All while working on their balance. Totally worth having one of these!

5 is a MUST HAVE! Like all the ones before. This one is a no brainer. Teethers are a must, the chew on them and slobber all over them. You need multiple in my opinion, it gives them options to try different ones. They’re not all the same, some are sharks, some are carrots, or some have that baby paper like this one. I actually wet this one and stick it in our freezer and the whole thing comes out frozen. Especially since little man is teething HARD RIGHT NOW. It helps those hurting gums and gives them relief being cold. This one I like cause I can attach it to his hand. That way he can’t just get mad mad and chuck it or drop it. Win for mama & baby on this one!

Must have six is our jogging stroller set! Since were now in a good routine these dates. Walks are helping us get some exercise for mama and baby gets a change of scenery. Win win and baby sometimes falls asleep. Sometimes he’ll ride in car seat or just regularly sitting usually. Best part about the combo I can do both for now anyways.

Next is number six our pack n play! Since we began traveling this has been a life saver! We used it in our room before we changed in his crib. It has been used since birth and still going strong. We would be lost without one, especially since you can’t take a crib with you every where you go. Life SAVER!

Number 7 is one we love for sleepy time!i I s sleep sack is a easy way to get your baby to fall asleep and keep your baby sleeping too! We got this one a little late in the game. But this sack is a weight sleeper. Ours is 6-15 months. We’ve been using it to keep little guy asleep for longer. Gives him a sense of comfort just like if it were mom and dad kinda holding them sense. Thus far we love it and will continue to use it as long as we can.

BUBBLE BATH comes in at number 8! Been using this little bath compartment since we brought him home. He is actually on the verge of growing out of it and will need this bath seat I’ve been seeing for him to sit up. But will use this until we absolutely can’t anymore. Cause we love it, he loves it and it truly is a good bath tub, holds his bum and doesn’t slip AT ALL. Letting him play right before bed let’s him get all that energy out. MUST HAVE!

Number nine has been used ALOT! Babies nails grow SO FAST, I’m not playin! Lol my little guy when he’s tired or upset he’ll scratch his head not knowing he’s hurting that precious head. I have to keep up with trimming his nails though and watch him. I have these exact ones pictured. I learned right away I need to be careful just like if it were my own nails or skin. I want red to be fast and get the job done. While being careful. Just be careful! No nails no scratching. Use these about 2x weekly.

Number 10 is a MUST HAVE for our baby! Due to the fact that he has cradle cap and dry skin and just over all sensitive skin. We have this brands teething oil as well. We love that one too! (which I do also recommend). This balm is free from harsh additives and all organic. I want no curve balls here when it comes to his skin. We love using this because it protects and helps keeps him moisturized most of the day, which he needs a lot of. Highly recommend this balm!

LAST MUST HAVE! Number eleven is our baby wrap. We also do own a carrier. Dad likes carrier mama likes the wrap. Which ever one you prefer they are a must have for baby. I use this when we go walking if I decide not to take stroller. I use this even just around the house doing dishes or even cleaning. Dad will use his to hold him while he plays a game or too (of course insert eye roll) But which ever you prefer, they’re something you’ll constantly use.

That’s a wrap for Gary James’s Nursery/Room reveal! We hope you liked some of these items and hope this helped anyone decide on trying something out or even discovering a product to pick up. If ya already haven’t of-course. Take care and will see you next time! xo

Simple Easter Tablescape Idea

Well we’ve made it to Easter weekend! I’ve been planning my dinning table to fit 8 but it’ll just be 4 this year. That’s ok though will have some virtual seats 💕 I’ve been so excited to share this little space with you. I picked up these bunny plates (salad plates) and spring dinner plates for this years Easter tablescape. They say over the years you accumulate dishes etc, and I believe that to be true. Some years you don’t have it all and the next you just add to what you have or buy what you want or need for holidays or occasions along the way. That was me this year. Were only going on our second year in our home and we didn’t have a dinning room or large table like this in our old house. So this is all new to me and what I would like to have for dinners and parties.

For me big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas are very important to us having folks over for dinner. As well as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, New Year’s Eve, maybe a wine night or two or even birthdays! So needing to have this space set up was a must.

Now that we have this space I’ve been able to add to it when I can each holiday or event. It’s all a process don’t worry.


Back to it! These plates were so cute and a really good deal. I will mention pier one always has great tablescape ideas and I went in store and got a ton of ideas while looking around. They had bunny plates just as well but for a higher price. I just happened to find these and for much less and went for the ones pictured. SHOP HERE

There are two different bunny plates as you can tell and three different Easter dinner plates. One bunny is showing you it’s bum with a pink trim and the other front facing bunny with a green trim. Dinner plates I decided to mix, I ordered 3 blue plaid, 2 pink plaid and 4 floral. Set across the table they look great. I’m really happy how they all look with combined dinner plates.


I did share where I picked up these wine glasses for a dollar a piece. On my Instagram stories. I bought eight of them. Couldn’t pass them up. They are very elegant, simple and you can’t beat the price. They reminded me of exact glasses I saw at pier one while i was in there. SCORE FOR ME! SHOP HERE


Back to the table. It’s really all about stacking. The more you stack the more dinner everything just looks in my opinion. I’ve had these nest looking chargers underneath the plates that I bought at home goods a year ago. They have so many to choose from and for a great deal. You can use many other different chargers. I just happened to have these. SHOP HERE


The napkins you see wrapped up with some bunny ears. Which are napkin holder rings that I picked up in Targets Dollar section. They had them again this year, that I saw. Napkins were also from home goods. Target, Marshall’s, home goods, and Tjmax for any occasion will have some napkins for you to look at during whatever time of year your going for. Found a set of twelve for $8.99. While I had some extras incase we add a couple of spots. Christmas they’ll be Christmas ones, Easter, Valentine’s Day, thanksgiving, Halloween etc. Just peak in and look around and I’m sure you’ll find some for what you’re looking for. SHOP HERE


Anything else you want to add is just some more fun! A center piece would be nice, placing your silverware prior to guests showing up (like restaurant style) gives it a little bit of formal elegance, adding some Easter eggs, a center piece like flowers (I added a bunny you could even a cake on the cake stand and make a bunny cake), plate for your deviled eggs, bunny’s or eggs on top of the plates to add more of a layer and even egg place cards. All around there are so many ideas you could do but this one was simple for me to do this year. I had some bunnies already and just added some to the table. I also have had these candles scattered throughout the table (they light up) for years now. So I light them on occasion. SHOP HERE

I hope this inspires you to add some EXTRA FUN to your Easter table this Sunday!! Enjoy the weekend and HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!